Chinanews Client Beijing, November 22 (Reporter Li Jinlei) Recently, the Inspection Bureau of the Hangzhou Taxation Bureau investigated and dealt with the suspected tax evasion of two network anchors Zhu Chenhui (nicknamed "Sydney" on the Internet) and Lin Shanshan. .

Among them, "Sydney" evaded 30,369,500 yuan of personal income tax, and was charged with tax payment, additional late fees and planned to impose a double fine of 65,553,100 yuan.

  At present, the Internet celebrity economy is in full swing, and the top online anchors are making a lot of money. As high-income people, the online anchors should consciously pay taxes according to the law, but they have moved their crooked minds and tried every possible way to hide their personal income and change their income. Tax evasion by nature, etc., was ultimately investigated and punished by itself.

This shows that everyone is equal before the law. Whether it is a celebrity or an Internet celebrity, if they touch the bottom line of illegality, they will inevitably pay a price.

  Through taxation big data analysis, the taxation department also found that other individual network anchors did not conduct self-inspection and self-correction in the comprehensive taxation management of the entertainment field, and there were suspected tax evasion behaviors, which are being inspected by the local taxation authority in accordance with the law.

  The tax department strictly investigated Internet anchors for tax evasion and released a signal to increase tax supervision for high-income groups, which helps maintain legal dignity, regulate income distribution, and promote social equity.

Before the law, Internet celebrities will not have privileges because of popularity and traffic, and everyone is treated equally.

  The law net is restored without omission. I would like to advise network anchors not to be lucky and not to be fooled. With the application of new technologies such as big data, the so-called "obstacle method" simply cannot escape law enforcement, and tax evasion is difficult to take advantage of. machine.

Observing the law, keeping the bottom line, and paying taxes in accordance with the law is the right way.