The stock market is now "stock ladies". Real investment or simulated selling to make a lot of traffic?

  After "Foyuan" and "Sickness", there is another new term, "Guyuan".

Some netizens said that recently many beautiful women on Toutiao's APP tried to trade stocks, crying about how many tens of thousands of dollars they had lost every day.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau found that these female investors, known as "shareholders", mainly recorded stock market investments, but did not find any suspected "killing hog market" or diverting followers to other platforms.

  Regarding the term "shared yuan", some female investors considered it an insulting term and counterattacked it.

  The Red Star Capital Board noted that, judging from the current public content, it is still uncertain whether these female investors are real transactions.

  Toutiao is now a "shareholder" in APP?

Netizens questioned the simulation of stock trading to make money

  Recently, a new term appeared in the stock market-"shares".

  Some netizens said that on the Toutiao app (now Toutiao), a lot of beautiful women trying to stock market suddenly appeared. Their styles are all losing money, acting pitifully, and sympathizing. Almost everyone has tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. fan.

  "How can they make so much money to lose every day? It is estimated that traffic is their purpose..." Some netizens believe that platforms such as Toutiao APP have creator incentive programs, and as long as the content is sufficient to attract spectators, they can earn traffic. income.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that on the Toutiao app today, there were indeed female investors who recorded their stock trading and resumed the market through video or text summaries, but they did not see any suspected "killing pigs" or diverting followers. To the situation of other platforms.

  In the above-mentioned netizen’s "Share Yuan" summary post, there appeared a number of pictures with the ID of the female investor's screen name and the content of the review.

The Red Star Capital Bureau randomly selected one of them and checked the contents of her review of the past 5 trading days.

  The female investor has about 20,000 fans. From November 15 to November 19, the keywords in her review content were "eat noodles", "eat noodles lost 500 yuan", and come back 3900 yuan. "Earn 800 yuan" and "Earn 1,400 yuan."

  Some netizens summarized the three female investors with more personal characteristics on the Toutiao APP, namely the stock market treasure mother (51,000 fans), the distant deer (84,000 fans) and Jiang Yinan (100,000 fans). Known as the "three queens of stocks."

  "The deer in the distance will only sell miserably. Before, they were basically analog disks. Recently, I was discovered and started to buy real disks. They also have good looks. Who else will pay attention?" said the above netizen.

  So, do these female investors, who are known as "stock ladies", really earn traffic by trading stocks and losing money?

 Female investor's traffic income

  630 days total income 18837 yuan

  The Red Star Capital Bureau found that among the female investors who made stock market investment records on the Toutiao app, Xiaolu from afar (hereinafter referred to as "Little Lu") may be the most questioned. Some netizens believe that the pictures she posted are all from simulated disks.

  In response to such doubts, Xiaolu has repeatedly fought back, "I was said to be acting and simulated discs every day, do you think I made a fortune from the media?"

  In mid-November, Xiaolu posted a screenshot of her backstage. The screenshot showed that this was the 630th day of her creation on Toutiao, with a total revenue of approximately RMB 18,837.

In other words, her average income in Toutiao is about 30 yuan per day.

  Another female investor, Nian Nian Ma (hereinafter referred to as "Nian Nian Ma"), who married to the hometown of overseas Chinese, also fought back because of the name "Share Yuan".

"Some male netizens questioned that it was simulated disk and traffic deception. Do you think that it is very profitable to post headlines? I have more than 10,000 followers, and my monthly income (traffic) is about 1,400 (yuan)." Mother Nian Nian said.

  Responding to the title of "Share Yuan"

  This is a statement that discriminates against female investors

  Also known as one of the "three queens of stock trading", Baoma Stock Market has also specially recorded a video in response to the title of "stock lady".

The stock market treasure mother believes that "stock ladies" are a statement that male investors discriminate against female investors. "If a female compatriot has the guts to trade in stocks, she must be able to afford it."

  "Don't laugh at others. People lose money and earn money. No one deliberately does anything to squeeze traffic." Said the stock market treasure mother.

  On November 20th, the stock market treasure mother told the Red Star Capital Bureau that she has always been profitable in stock trading.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noted that the background of Baoma's homepage showed that the total income in the past two years was about 710,000 yuan, and the yield rate in the past two years was 222.16%.

However, she did not provide the Red Star Capital Bureau with a record of the actual operation transaction.

  In addition, a female netizen on Today's Toutiao app said that Yixi had also retorted, why is it a play for women to trade in stocks?

Is it impossible for women to make money and save money for financial management?

  On November 20, the Red Star Capital Bureau also privately wrote to a number of female investors who recorded stock market investment on the Toutiao APP, but as of now, no response has been received except for the stock market treasure mother.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Yang Peiwen