China News Service, Beijing, November 16 (Reporter Liu Yuying) Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Office of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Information Commission of the Communist Party of China and deputy director of the State Internet Information Office, announced on the 16th at a press conference of the Information Office of the State Council that the first China Internet Civilization Conference It will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center on November 19 this year.

On November 16, the State Council Information Office held a press conference in Beijing. Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, deputy director of the State Cyberspace Administration of China, Mo Gaoyi, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and director of the Propaganda Department, and Xue Songyan, director of the First Bureau of the Central Civilization Office Xie Dengke, spokesperson of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office and director of the Internet Communication Bureau, Zhang Xunhong, director of the Internet Social Work Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration, and Zhao Hui, secretary general of the China Federation of Internet Social Organizations, introduced the first China Internet Civilization Conference and answered reporters’ questions .

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yi Haifei

  The first China Network Civilization Conference was co-sponsored by the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office, the Central Civilization Office, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government. Undertake.

  With the theme of "Assemble Upward Forces for Good and Work Together to Build a Cyber ​​Civilization", the conference is positioned to create a platform for dissemination of ideas, experience exchange, results display, and international cyber civilization mutual learning platform for China's cyber civilization.

The main content of the conference includes the opening ceremony, main forum and sub-forums, which lasts for one day.

  The meeting will also release ten major events in the construction of network civilization in the new era, as well as the initiative to jointly build a network civilization.

  The seven sub-forums are centered on several themes: one is network content construction, the second is network ecological governance challenges and responses, the third is the rule of law on the Internet, the fourth is the youth network civilization literacy, the fifth is data and algorithms, and the sixth is the development of online charity and charity. To deal with the challenges, the seventh is the construction of platform economic integrity.

  Mo Gaoyi, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, stated that he will adhere to strict prevention and control strategies in accordance with the requirements of the capital’s strict entry into Beijing to manage the joint prevention and joint control coordination mechanism. The conference will be held in a combination of online and offline methods. Video sub-venues are set up in the districts and cities, and guests from outside Beijing participate in the conference through video.