The effect of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices appears (Rui Finance)

  Our reporter Qiu Haifeng

  What is the situation of coal supply and price?

Can the supply and demand of natural gas be balanced?

Is the supply of grain reserves guaranteed?

Regarding recent hot issues such as maintaining supply and price stability, the spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission Meng Wei responded at a press conference on November 16.

Safe and stable supply of coal is guaranteed

  Since September, domestic coal prices have continued to rise, hitting historical highs repeatedly.

What is the current situation?

  Meng Wei introduced that in order to ensure a safe and stable supply of coal, and to ensure that the people will survive the winter warmly, the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant parties have made a solid effort to increase production and supply, alleviate the contradiction between market supply and demand, and promptly carry out coal price control and coal enterprise production cost surveys and prices. Supervise and promote the coal market to return to rationality.

With the gradual implementation of relevant measures, the results have become increasingly apparent.

  Coal production increased rapidly.

National coal production reached 360 million tons in October, a year-on-year increase of 4%.

Judging from the dispatch situation, coal production has continued to increase steadily since November.

  Coal storage in power plants continued to increase.

Since October, the coal supply of power plants has continued to exceed coal consumption, and coal storage has accelerated. On November 14, the power plant stored 129 million tons of coal, which is expected to exceed 140 million tons by the end of the month. It is currently available for 22 days, an increase of 9 days from the end of September.

Among them, the coal storage of power plants in the three northeastern provinces exceeded 14 million tons, more than double that at the end of September, and the available days reached 31 days.

  The spot price of coal futures fell sharply.

Since October 19, the main thermal coal futures contract of the Zhengzhou Commercial Exchange has fallen for many consecutive days. It closed at 809.6 yuan/ton on November 15, a 59% drop from the October 19 high of 1982 yuan; Qinhuangdao Port 5500 kcal thermal coal The spot closing price dropped to around RMB 1,095/ton, a drop of more than RMB 1,000/ton, and the coal mine pit price in the main production areas of Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Mongolia dropped to below RMB 900/ton.

  Meng Wei said that in the next step, under the premise of ensuring safety, the nuclear-increased coal mines will be urged to organize production according to the nuclear-increased production capacity, and to urge the resumed coal mines to stabilize production and reach production.

At the same time, strengthen the supervision of the performance of medium and long-term coal contracts to further improve the level of performance.

Strengthen transportation coordination to ensure that coal is transported to where it is needed.

"As the national coal production and market supply continue to increase, the level of coal supply, coal storage and port coal storage in power plants will be further improved. The safe and stable supply of coal this winter and next spring can be reliably guaranteed." Meng Wei said.

  Keep the price of gas for people's livelihood basically stable

  Affected by the large-scale cold wave weather in the country in the early period, some northern areas have been heated in advance.

Since November 7, the daily supply of natural gas in the country has reached more than 1 billion cubic meters, an increase of about 100 million cubic meters over the same period last year.

Next, can the supply of natural gas be guaranteed?

  Meng Wei introduced that the heating season in the north has already begun.

Affected by the current tight global natural gas supply and demand situation and the soaring gas price, the overall national natural gas supply and demand are tightly balanced during this year's heating season, and the contradiction between supply and demand in some areas during peak hours may be more prominent.

"We will give full play to the role of the natural gas guaranteed supply day dispatch mechanism established with various localities, relevant departments and enterprises, and do a solid job of ensuring supply."

  Specifically, including ensuring the strict implementation of the contract, the focus is on urging the supply and demand parties to strictly guarantee the supply and use of gas in accordance with the contract, and all the gas for people's livelihood is included in the contract to ensure full supply.

Organizing to increase production and supply, the focus is to promote enterprises to vigorously increase exploration and development efforts, promote safe and full-load production of domestic gas fields, and make every effort to increase domestic resource supply.

Strengthen the protection of key areas, strengthen the supply of gas to the northern heating areas, and increase the supply of resources in the northern region through measures such as organizing "south gas to the north" and increasing the use of gas storage during the peak period, and strengthen scheduling guarantees for areas with tight supply.

Stabilize gas prices for people's livelihoods, urge all localities and related enterprises to strictly implement natural gas price policies, and keep gas prices for people's livelihoods basically stable.

Improve the grain production, purchase, storage, and sales system

  In addition to ensuring energy supply, food supply and reserves have also attracted much attention recently.

  Meng Wei introduced that my country's summer grain output this year was 291.6 billion jin, an increase of 5.93 billion jin, of which the output of early rice was 56 billion jin, an increase of 1.45 billion jin.

From the perspective of autumn grain production, many major grain-producing areas have achieved an increase in output, especially in the Northeast region. A bumper harvest of autumn grain is a foregone conclusion.

National grain output will stabilize at more than 1.3 trillion catties for seven consecutive years, laying a solid foundation for domestic grain supply.

  "From the perspective of the supply of grain reserves, the total amount is sufficient." Meng Wei said that the size of government reserves has increased steadily, and the structure and layout have been continuously optimized; corporate commodity inventories have increased significantly, and both wheat and rice commodity inventories have increased by more than 50% year-on-year. Risk capabilities are effectively enhanced; 36 large and medium-sized cities in the main urban areas and market volatile areas have local finished grain and oil reserves reaching 15 days or more of market supply.

  Meng Wei said that in order to ensure a safe and stable supply of food, the National Development and Reform Commission will work with the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves and other relevant departments to further improve the grain production, storage, and sales system.

Strengthen the protection of arable land, especially permanent basic farmland, implement a new round of high-standard farmland construction plans, implement the national black soil protection project and modern seed industry improvement project, and lay a solid foundation for grain production; improve grain production support policies and benefit compensation mechanisms for main producing areas , To increase the incentives for farmers to earn money from growing grain, to let the main producing areas pay attention to the grain without losing money, adhere to and improve the minimum purchase price policy for rice and wheat, continue to implement subsidies for grain farmers, and expand the full cost insurance of food crops. And the scope of the income insurance pilot program; insist on implementing policies by species and regions, flexibly arrange policy-based food distribution, and take targeted measures to strengthen regulation at the right time, and guide the central and local reserve enterprises at all levels to grasp the rhythm of rotation, and effectively play the role of reserve throughput adjustment; promote imports Diversify sources, improve the supply of imported goods, and promote the optimization of domestic market supply.