Emmanuel Duteil 10:05 am, November 16, 2021

For the first time since the liberalization of energy prices in 2007, EDF won customers in October.

Its competitors, who are unable to cope with the sharp rise in electricity and gas prices, are forced either to throw in the towel or to refuse customers.

And it is EDF which recovers the customers.

The sharp rise in energy prices has made at least one winner.

And this winner is called ... EDF.

For the first time since price liberalization in 2007, EDF won customers in October.

The incumbent operator, which still controls 70% of the electricity market, refuses to communicate the extent of this increase but this trend reversal is very symbolic.

At the end of last year, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission, EDF was still losing 100,000 customers per month. 


 EDF will stop cutting off electricity to its customers in the event of unpaid bills

Competitors can't keep up

If the group wins customers, it is thanks to the defections of its main competitors.

Alternative suppliers of electricity or gas are currently refusing customers, raising prices so high that there is no point in signing a contract or altogether ceasing their activity as a supplier, like Leclerc.

The reason is simple: these operators are unable to cope with the historic rise in energy prices.

"Our competitors do not want to make offers by agreeing to lose a lot of money", analyzes the management of EDF.

But even with the regulated prices of the supplier, we can expect a price increase scheduled for early 2022. An increase limited to 4% by government decision.