[Explanation] In the autumn harvest season, in the Fangang Grain Station of the Dingyuan National Grain Storage Depot, Chuzhou, Anhui, the grain cleaning machine is booming.

Outside the granary, several trucks full of golden rice are waiting in line to enter the warehouse.

It is understood that 200 tons of grain are returned to the warehouse here every day.

  [Concurrent] Kang Chuanfu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Development and Reform Commission of Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City

  Dingyuan County is located in East Anhui (Eastern Anhui). It is the only super grain-producing county in Chuzhou City and an important commercial grain production base in the country. The annual sown area is stable at more than 2.8 million mu, and the annual grain output should be 1.2 million. Ton, of which wheat stabilized at more than 450,000 tons, and rice stabilized at more than 750,000 tons.

  [Explanation] According to Kang Chuanfu, due to sufficient sunlight, timely pest control, and scientific guidance from agricultural departments, rice in Dingyuan County will grow well in 2021, with an estimated average yield of 489 kg and a total output of 795,000 tons. The total output has increased compared with the previous year.

  [Concurrent] Kang Chuanfu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Development and Reform Commission of Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City

  At present, we have basically completed the harvesting of grain and rice in Dingyuan, and basically the bulk of the rice has been harvested. The output has shown these characteristics this year. One is that the output is relatively high. The sown area of ​​our county is 1.625 million mu, and the yield should be nearly 500 kg. The planting area is larger than in previous years, the output is higher than in previous years, and the total output is higher than in previous years. In addition, whether we have state-owned enterprises or local storage enterprises this year, this warehouse is relatively large and well prepared.

  [Explanation] Li Chunrong is a famous grain grower in Dingyuan County and has been dealing with grain for more than 20 years.

In 2021, he transferred 400 acres of land to plant rice. He told reporters that the "upgrading" of seeds, the "precise assistance" of the government, and the "guaranteeing policies" are the "three magic weapons" to ensure continuous increase in grain income.

  [Concurrent] Li Chunrong, a major grain grower in Dingyuan County

  Fertilizers are now being standardized, seeds are getting better and better, their evolutionary ability is also strong, and pesticides are getting better and better.

This year’s grain yield is 30-50 jin more than last year’s grain. This is an increase in production compared to last year’s, and the output is bumper than last year’s harvest.

  [Explanation] The autumn harvest in Dingyuan County is just a microcosm of the bumper grain harvest in Anhui.

According to an announcement from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Anhui Province, as of October 15, the province had harvested 48.046 million mu of autumn grains, with a total output of 81.65 billion jin, an increase of 1.266 billion jin compared to 2020, and it could break through 2015's 81.545 billion jin. A record high, with area and total output exceeding the grain production tasks assigned by the state to Anhui.

  Liu Honghe and Chu Weiwei report from Chuzhou, Anhui

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