The Government will address today with employers and unions a new meeting to define the future labor reform.

On the table, a new permanent mechanism aimed at replacing the current ERTEs and which the Executive calls, according to the latest draft sent to the parties, the RED Mechanism for flexibility and stabilization of employment.

It establishes three different types of ERTE.

On the one hand,

the force majeure,

which basically replicates the current model for exceptional situations, such as the coronavirus pandemic, for example.

And whose cost will be shared between the State and companies.

On the other hand, the Executive proposes a new

restructuring ERTE

, specifically focused on channeling workers who must be relocated to other companies.

This formula contemplates that the company from which the employee leaves pays 50% of the cost of their dismissal to Fogasa (Salary Guarantee Fund) in such a way that the company that integrates it does not have to assume all the cost of a hypothetical exit.

And a third modality of ERTE is contemplated that the Government has come to call

sectorial ERTE,

which will be specific for those sectors that must be restructured as a whole.

The new scheme, advanced this Tuesday by the newspaper


, is far from what the Ministry of Labor led by

Yolanda Díaz

had put on the table until now


The entry into the negotiations of the vice-presidency for Economic Affairs led by

Nadia Calviño

and other ministries such as

José Luis Escrivá's

Inclusion and Social Security


have relegated the drafts that Days had managed until now.

Businessmen and unions will meet again this Wednesday with representatives of the Executive to address this new scheme and other thorny aspects of the labor reform, with positions clearly opposed.

The businessmen have clear red lines,

but the takeover by Economic Affairs and the express resignation to a "total repeal" of the legislation approved in 2012 by the Popular Party may bring positions somewhat closer.

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