Nissan Motor lowered its outlook for unit sales for the current fiscal year due to the effects of semiconductor shortages, etc., while the outlook for final profits was significantly revised upward due to the effects of improved profitability and the depreciation of the yen in areas such as North America.

According to the business outlook for this year announced by Nissan Motor on the 9th, the total number of vehicles sold worldwide is expected to be 3.8 million units, which is 600,000 units lower than the previous plan.

This is due to a global shortage of semiconductors and the spread of infection in Southeast Asia, which has many business partners, and the procurement of parts has been delayed, resulting in a significant reduction in production.

On the other hand, the final profit for the current year is 60 billion because the profitability is improving by selling with restrained discounts in North America and the yen is depreciating more than expected. It has been revised upward from the yen to 180 billion yen.

Ashwani Gupta, COO, said at a press conference, "The impact of the semiconductor shortage has exceeded expectations. Production is expected to recover earlier this month, but the outlook for full-year sales has been lowered due to continued instability. ".