Sino-Singapore Jingwei, November 6th. On Friday, the three major U.S. stock indexes rose across the board, continuing to hit a record high.

The Dow Index rose 0.56% to 36,327.95 points, up more than 200 points; the S&P 500 index rose 0.37% to 4,697.53 points; the Nasdaq rose 0.2% to 15,971.59 points.

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  This week, the Dow rose 1.42%, the S&P 500 rose 2%, and the Nasdaq rose 3.05%.

  Most of the banking stocks fell. JPMorgan Chase fell 0.14%, Goldman Sachs fell 0.25%, Morgan Stanley rose 0.11%, Bank of America fell 0.78%, and Wells Fargo fell 0.38%.

  Most technology stocks rose, Apple rose 0.22%, Amazon rose 1.21%, Netflix fell 3.39%, Google rose 0.39%, Facebook rose 1.64%, and Microsoft fell 0.11%.

  Airline stocks rose collectively, with American Airlines up 5.77%, Delta Air Lines up 8.05%, Southwest Airlines up 6.4%, and United Airlines up 7.26%.

  Popular Chinese concept stocks were mixed, with Midland International Education up 24.21%, Headmaster Education up 12.09%, Shangwei Group up 11.64%, Melco Crown Entertainment up 8.11%, Phoenix New Media up 7.64%, Tuniu up 7.2%; Zai Lab fell 13.86%, Zhongbei Energy fell 9.18%, Tiandihui fell 8.92%, Tuanche fell 8.89%, Ningsheng International fell 8.61%, and Wuxin Technology fell 8.42%.

China's new energy auto stocks fell across the board, with Weilai Auto down 1.88%, Xiaopeng Auto down 3.07%, and Ideal Auto down 3%.

  International oil prices rose across the board, and the December WTI crude oil contract rose 2.46 US dollars to close at 81.27 US dollars per barrel.

The January contract of Brent crude oil rose 2.27% to close at US$82.37 per barrel.

  In terms of international gold prices, COMEX gold futures rose 1.48% to US$1820 per ounce, and COMEX silver futures rose 1.4% to US$24.245 per ounce.

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