Since this week, supermarket chain Albert Heijn has been offering customers the opportunity to become a 'premium customer' for a payment of 12 euros.

These customers are then entitled to a 10 percent discount on organic products and double savings campaign stamps.

With the subscription, as AH calls it, people also get a discount on subscriptions from and Gall & Gall, which are also part of parent company Ahold.

Albert Heijn claims to be the first supermarket in the Netherlands to launch such a concept.

"Abroad there are more supermarkets that are already doing it and it is already more widely accepted in the retail sector," a spokesperson said in a statement.

Examples are Amazon Prime and Select from

"You pay for it, but you can also save a lot with it," says the spokesperson.

"Up to more than 100 euros per year."

Air Miles can still be paired at AH, but these have now also been renamed 'My AH Miles' and are also participating in the new loyalty program.

"It's all part of the digital customer program."

The AH Bonus card has been around for more than twenty years;

which was introduced in 1998.

The Albert Heijn app was launched in 2009 and the supermarket has been focusing more and more on it in recent years.

Premium is now the next step.

Etos, which, like Albert Heijn, and Gall & Gall, is part of Ahold, later adopts 'AH premium'.

According to the spokesperson, many people have already signed up for the new customer binder.