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the large-scale communication failure accident that occurred last week, KT decided to compensate based on the time of the communication failure, not the actual damage. Communication interruption lasted 89 minutes, and we will compensate you based on 890 minutes, which is 10 times that number. KT claims that it is the best compensation that goes beyond the terms and conditions, but there are many responses that it is insufficient compared to the actual damage.

By Kim Ki-tae, staff reporter.


[Changseok Seo / Head of KT's Network Innovation TF: We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to customer service.]

KT executives and staff are determined to be compensated for 10 times the amount of time that the actual communication failure occurred. I did.

For individual and business users, it is a 15-hour service fee, and for small businesses, it is a 10-day service fee.

It has been decided to collectively reduce the December billing fee without a separate damage claim process.

KT estimates that up to 40 billion won will be rewarded for 35 million lines nationwide.

However, the actual amount of compensation each individual customer will receive is negligible.

It may vary depending on the product and rate plan you sign up for, but if you are an individual user who pays about 50,000 won a month, it is an average of 1,000 won, which is less than the daily usage fee.

A small business owner who ruined the lunch business that day is about 8,000 won, which is the price of a meal.

[Conquest Room / Self-employed: (Damage on the day) I think it will exceed 200,000 won.

At places like the self-employed or restaurants, 7,000 won to 8,000 won seems to be nothing

more than telling you

to buy a cup of coffee.] The

KT side is in its position that it is the best compensation for going beyond the terms and conditions


It is pointed out that damage was not taken into account.

KT announced that it would operate a damage compensation center and have a system and backup network to prevent accidents from reoccurring.