Presented at the start of 2021 at the Shanghai Motor Show, the bZ4X concept car has finally given rise to a production version which marks an important milestone for Toyota, since it is its first electric model.

Based on a new flexible platform that will be used by other vehicles in the bZ range, this SUV in a format similar to that of the RAV4 has a 71.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, which gives it a range of more than 450 km.

With a 150 kW fast charger, it can recover 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes.

Toyota will market 2 versions of the bZ4X: a single engine traction unit of 204 hp and 265 Nm, and a 4x4 version with 2 powertrains developing a combined power of 217.5 hp and 336 Nm. Toyota wished to give a specific visual identity to the vehicles. models of the bZ line, with a hammerhead front inaugurated by the bZ4X.

The manufacturer announces that thanks to its architecture, the car will benefit from a good habitability and a trunk with a capacity of 452 liters.

Among the technical innovations, the bZ4X will have One Motion steering, the particularity of which is that it has no physical connection with the steering wheel.

As an option, it can also receive solar panels on the roof, capable of providing up to 1,800 km of range per year.


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