client, Beijing, October 29 (Reporter Li Jinlei) The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held soon. The reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation that the tax authorities have tailored tax rebate measures to ensure the realization of the "three timely" and the realization of the main body of the tax rebate. Tax refund without leaving the country.

Before the countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, citizens and tourists took notes during the 100-day countdown.

Image source: Visual China

  Xie Wen, Director of the Goods and Labor Tax Department of the State Administration of Taxation, introduced at a press conference on the 29th that the implementation of the 2022 Winter Olympics VAT refund policy involves the coordination of multiple departments such as taxation, finance, treasury, and foreign exchange, and is facing the convergence of related policies. , Tax collection and management system adjustment and inter-departmental docking and many other problems.

  The State Administration of Taxation organized special work classes, worked with multiple departments to conduct special research and deployment, and issued the "Administrative Measures for VAT Refunds for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics and their test competitions", which specifically created a set of "online and offline centralized acceptance, The process mechanism of cross-regional sorting and processing within the tax authority and the integrated coordinated tax rebate of the tax treasury ensures the realization of the "three timely".

  The first is to ensure that tax refunds are accepted in a timely manner, through the Beijing Electronic Taxation Bureau online, and offline through Beijing and Hebei designated tax service offices to specifically receive tax refund applications;

  The second is to ensure that the tax refund is processed in a timely manner, and the tax refund information is cleared in real time through the tax collection and management system, and the tax refund review is completed accurately and quickly by the seller's location;

  The third is to ensure that tax refunds are paid in a timely manner, and the taxation department and the treasury department cooperate to achieve tax refunds without leaving the country.

  Xie Wen pointed out that the innovative practice of the Winter Olympics tax rebate has positive significance in improving the value-added tax rebate system, promoting the development of tax informationization, improving the level of tax governance, and achieving tax co-governance. It is conducive to further creating a good tax camp. Business environment.