, Boao, Hainan, October 29 (Fu Yuqun) On October 28, the Boao New Power System International Forum with the theme of "Building a New Power System, Serve Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality" opened in Boao, Hainan, with more than 1,000 participants Experts and scholars at home and abroad discuss key issues in the field of new power systems through a combination of online and offline methods. How to achieve high-quality power development in the new era has become a hot topic.

  Xu Xiaodong, a senior consultant of the General Electric Power Planning and Design Institute, believes that the core driving force for the high-quality development of electric power comes from the construction of a new power system.

He said that low carbon is the core goal of the new power system.

In the context of carbon neutrality, new energy will further develop by leaps and bounds, and will continue to be connected to the grid at a rate that is several times the growth of electricity load.

As the central link of the energy transition, the power system urgently needs to stimulate the potential of the load side and new energy storage technologies to form a pattern of coordinated consumption of new energy by source and grid storage to meet the continuous development and utilization of large-scale and high proportion of new energy.

  The construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body needs to fully tap energy advantages. How to combine China's practical experience in developing new energy and the advantages of industrial competition to develop new energy with high quality?

Liu Yuan, deputy general manager of China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd., said that in the construction of new power systems, large-scale pumped storage and distributed new energy storage have become key links in the integration of water, wind, and solar storage, and the construction layout will also change from The load side is extended to the power supply side, and the system compensates for the intermittency and volatility of water and wind power generation, and improves the safety and reliability of the power system.

  On the power side, Chen Yunpeng, deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., said that attention should be paid to the efficient use of fossil energy to generate electricity to achieve the continuation of the value of coal power and an orderly exit.

He pointed out that China's coal-fired power generation units have advanced technology, short operating age, and excellent equipment conditions, which are the main support for the adjustment of the power system's adjustment capacity and adjustment rate before the large-scale commercial operation of energy storage at this stage.

In the entire energy structure, coal power still needs to play the important role of phased protection and flexible adjustment to support the development of new energy.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan", new regulatory and guarantee coal power should be added reasonably and appropriately, and the total amount of coal power generation and coal consumption should be strictly controlled.

  Zhang Xinghua, Dean of the Energy Planning Institute of Hainan Electric Power Design Institute, said at the meeting that only by exploring a road to ensure safety as a prerequisite, taking into account the economy of electricity use and clean and low-carbon development, can we achieve high-quality development of electricity.

  He said that Hainan is currently accelerating the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, and clean, low-carbon and green development will surely be the basic background of Hainan's future power system.

With the rapid development of Hainan's economy, Hainan's electricity demand will maintain a rigid and rapid growth, and the task of securing electricity supply is very arduous.

Affected by the endowment of energy resources and the climatic characteristics of electricity consumption, Hainan’s current electricity construction and operating costs are relatively high, and electricity prices are relatively high. Therefore, economy is a factor that must be considered in the development of Hainan's power system in the future.

In this regard, Zhang Xinghua proposed to build a "4+3" system for a new power system, that is, to create a clean and low-carbon power supply, a smart grid, multiple interactive loads, and flexible and reliable energy storage. Reform and Innovation.