The metaverse of Facebook is already a reality, albeit virtual. And Facebook becomes a Meta to lead its development -and incidentally leave behind more than one reputational crisis-. "Video is the main way in which content is experienced", explained Mark Zuckerberg about what he considers "the next chapter of the internet", a new scenario that simulates the presence of the known world and that serves to socialize with the community connected via


. There, in this new non-physical scenario, Facebook aims to achieve neither more nor less than ubiquity.

"They see us as a social network, but we are a company that connects people," explained Zuckerberg, who has thought "a lot" about the identity of the company. The largest social network on the planet is advancing to become the common point of different platforms that to this day have acted independently. Facebook wants to be "more open" and pursues a profile capable of rejuvenating its huge user base (2,910 million monthly users), less young, however, than those of other Internet platforms and services. The acquisition of Instagram in 2012 for around 800 million euros is part of that purpose.

Facebook tries to take advantage of new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, to, through glasses or helmets, facilitate immersion in video games, home control systems, meetings, physical exercise environments, classes, work meetings or musical concerts .

In this sense, the company acquired Oculus in 2014, for 1,450 million euros.

Facebook has announced the investment of at least 10 billion dollars (more than 8.5 billion euros) in Reality Labs, so that it can shape this ambitious ecosystem.

The project will reduce the expected profit for this year by the same amount, as the company's financial managers have warned.

Before this Thursday's presentation, in which Zuckerberg himself has become his avatar and which EL MUNDO has been able to attend online, Facebook has gone through one of the biggest crises in its history, with permission from the Cambridge Analytica episode .

In early October, the social network suffered a global system crash and, in recent weeks, Facebook has been repeatedly hit by reports provided by a former company employee, Frances Haugen.

These documents, the

Facebook papers,

have eroded the image of the company, as this former product manager reveals that the algorithms used by Facebook foster discord among Internet users and that Instagram is especially harmful to teenagers.

The benefits and the people

Haugen appeared earlier this month before the consumer protection subcommittee in the US Senate.

On Facebook, the appearing party assured, "they put their astronomical benefits before the people"

, despite the fact that "the leaders of the company know how to make Facebook and Instagram safer."

On these "astronomical benefits" new data have been known this week, when communicating the financial results corresponding to the first nine months of the year.

From January to September, the company obtained


of 29,085 million dollars (24,900 million euros),

62% above

those obtained in the same period of the previous year.

In these nine months, the firm led by Mark Zuckerberg earned 84,258 million dollars (72,100 million euros), a turnover that exceeds by 45% the 57,893 invoiced from January to September 2020. The improvement in advertising activity , on which the company is based, explains this improvement without palliative.

The community of this social network brings together 1,930 million active daily users (those who connect at least once a day), 6% more than in September of last year, and that figure rises to

2,910 million people

if they count everyone who accesses their services at least once a month. The company's stock market valuation reaches 890,000 million dollars (760,000 million euros) and reached all-time highs last September. In addition, the markets reacted positively to the new accounts of the company, clearly better than expected.

"Facebook has repeatedly misled the public about what its own research reveals about the safety of children, the effectiveness of its artificial intelligence and its role in spreading divisive and extremist messages," said the insider, who has transferred thousands of documents to the authorities and a media consortium.

According to

The Wall Street Journal

, the company is already being investigated by the Government because of this alleged lack of conscious protection of the content it hosts.

For its part, Facebook states that it is "prepared to answer questions from regulators and continue to cooperate with the government's investigations."

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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