A stamp will continue to cost 0.96 euros next year.

Because more mail was sent during the corona crisis and because the acquisition of competitor Sandd made a positive contribution to mail volumes, PostNL can keep the price the same.

Postage stamps will probably become more expensive after next year.

According to PostNL, more mail was sent during the corona crisis.

"We noticed that people sent more cards to each other," says director mail Resi Becker.

"Across the board, however, the mail volume continues to fall. So we will keep the stamp price for next year the same, but it will still be necessary to adapt our processes to the decline in mail and thus save costs."

Next year a stamp for a letter will therefore still cost 0.96 euros.

Franking with the franking machine costs 0.90 euros and for a stamp for international mail you pay 1.55 euros.

Business rates for sending mail at home and abroad are rising.

Sending domestic parcels will not become more expensive next year.

Sending a standard package within the Netherlands will still cost 7.25 euros in 2022.

If you prepare your package online, you pay 0.50 euros less.

There is still a corona surcharge for sending parcels abroad, but it will be reduced.