Updated on Wednesday, 27October2021-02: 06

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The Spanish pension system reaches the end of a stage.

Four out of 10 people born by 2020 begin to reach their retirement age in a process that will last two decades. The

boomers baby,

who over the past 40 years have argued pensions of their elders,

test the sustainability of a system

which does not give itself over to its current configuration.

Expenditure on pensions

-171,165 million euros- is

not only the main one of everything that the State assumes in a year,

but its expected increase is impossible to assume without containment measures.


Because even if the accounts are cleaned up by rejecting that the pension fund pay benefits that do not correspond to it,

the deficit would continue for demographic reasons.

What will the changes consist of?

As of 2022, pensions will be revalued with the CPI for the peace of mind of pensioners.

But this measure will be accompanied by others that will cut either the benefit or the time that will be charged.


The Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (


), National Institute of Statistics (INE) and Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations


Elsa Martín

Art direction:

María González Manteca.

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