The Tokyo Stock Exchange has officially announced a policy to extend the closing time of daily transactions by 30 minutes to 3:30 pm.

It will be the first time in about 70 years that the closing time of the transaction will be extended, aiming for implementation in three years.

According to this, TSE plans to extend the trading hours from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, excluding lunch breaks, to 3:30 pm.

By extending the trading hours by 30 minutes, we aim to attract investment to the Tokyo market, where the market capitalization of listed companies is sluggish compared to stock markets such as New York and Shanghai.

In addition, TSE suffered a system failure in October last year and stopped trading all day, but it will be easier to secure time to buy and sell after recovery due to the extension of trading time, and the impact on investors etc. will be lessened. It is said that it will lead to.

By aiming to implement it in line with the large-scale system renovation scheduled for the latter half of 2024, three years later, the transaction end time will change for the first time in about 70 years since 1954.