virgin olive oil Extra

no lack in Spanish homes. Of all the types of

olive oil out

there, extra virgin olive oil (


) is, without a doubt, the best. It is made in the same way as virgin olive oil, that is, from physical procedures applied to the olives (pressing, washing, decanting, centrifugation and filtration), no refining. The


has published its sixth

analysis on extra virgin olive oils with 39 products analyzed

, 37 of which are really extra, while two have fallen short of this rating.

"Spanish consumers today have better quality products in the supermarket than a few years ago," says the OCU. To reach this conclusion, the organization has analyzed

products acquired in supermarkets and hypermarkets

. They correspond to large distribution brands of oils, among which are

large firms such








Maestros de Hojiblanca


La Masía

, among others, and

also brands of the establishment itself where they are sold, such

as Auchan, Hacendado, Consum, etc.

The results conclude that on average, these oils cost

about 5 euros / liter,

a little higher if they are large brands and a little lower if they are distribution brands.

In addition, some are organic, somewhat more expensive, and

only two have a designation of origin: Oleoestepa DO de Estepa and Olivar del Segura DO Sierra del Segura


Many brands have two presentations: PET plastic bottle (1 liter) and glass bottle (500 or 750 ml).

In general, oil in glass is a bit more expensive, 1 euro more per liter.


the results do not always justify it.

Two oils are not extra

The quality results come from the analyzes carried out on behalf of OCU in

specialized and accredited laboratories to analyze extra virgin olive oil.

According to the results, none of the 39 oils is mixed with cheaper seed, refined olive or pomace oils,

there is no adulteration.


two of them, Borges and Olivar de Segura, are simply virgin, they

do not meet the criteria required to carry the EXTRA commercial label.

The determination of the extra qualification is obtained in an organoleptic analysis carried out by

specialized tasters

in accredited laboratories and following the procedure established by a European regulation.

"Only oils that in the tasting are determined to have a certain fruity and do not present any flaw in flavor can be classified as extra virgin (these are flaws only detectable by a trained taster, not by a consumer)," says the OCU .

For this reason, the OCU has denounced the two companies affected by labeling fraud before the Autonomous Communities and has requested their sanction.

More than correct results

For its part, the OCU affirms that "the quality results of the other 37 extra oils are more than worthy." The quantification in the laboratory of ethyl and methyl esters indicates that

good quality olives have been used

and that

the extraction process has been good.

In addition, the degree of acidity is low


always below the 0.8 degrees required in an EVOO, and it can only be achieved with olives in good condition, without wounds where bacteria can grow.

The best product of the analysis is the Oleoestepa oil,

with the Estepa Designation of Origin: it obtains a very good rating, with a score of 89 out of 100 in its presentation in a

1-liter PET bottle

, with a reference price of 4 , 99 euros / liter.

Its version

in a 750 ml glass bottle

also offers very good quality, although not that much (85 out of 100), and it is much more expensive.

Between one and the other,


sold in Alcampo, is placed

in a 750 ml glass bottle: it

obtains a very good score of 86 out of 100. A liter costs 4.89 euros.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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