Chinanews client, Beijing, October 28 (Zuo Yukun) For buyers, the importance of mortgages is self-evident.

However, this year's housing loan processing is not easy. Especially since the third quarter, major banks have shown considerable caution in personal housing loan business and have continued to tighten.

  However, recently, with the frequent warming of the property market policy, there seems to be signs of relaxation of mortgage loans in many places.

Is it really?

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Mortgage interest rates have dropped, and some banks have accelerated lending

  “After applying for the mortgage on October 15th, I asked the bank how long it would take the bank to make a loan. The staff said that they were all queuing and the loan was not fixed, probably about half a year. Unexpectedly, the loan would be released before one month." Liang from Foshan, Guangdong The lady didn't expect that the mortgage, which she thought would have to be approved next year, would arrive so soon.

  “The bank suddenly called two days ago to say that it was going to make a loan, and verified the loan amount and repayment method with me, and then I received a loan text message, which was exactly two months before the loan was granted." Ms. Zhang, who is in Beijing, also said, Intermediaries have been "vaccinating" themselves and said that they will probably wait until the beginning of next year, but I didn't expect to enter the mode of saving money and repaying loans so soon.

  Recently, many home buyers have expressed that they have felt the acceleration of mortgage lending, and data from statistical agencies have also conveyed some good news.

  According to data from the Shell Research Institute, the average loan period of 90 cities in October was 74 days, which was longer than the previous month.

However, in terms of local cities, Shanghai, Wuhu, Nanning, Yantai, Zhengzhou, Zhuzhou and other cities have shorter lending cycles than in September.

  At the same time, in October, the mainstream first home mortgage interest rate in 90 cities was 5.73%, and the second set of interest rates was 5.99%, both lowered by 1 basis point from the previous month.

This is also the first month-on-month decline during the year, which represents an improvement in the credit environment.

  Among them, the interest rates of mortgages in 20 cities have been lowered, the interest rates of the first set of mortgages in 14 cities have dropped, and the interest rates of the second home mortgage in 14 cities have dropped.

Downgraded cities include Pearl River Delta cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhongshan, and Yangtze River Delta cities such as Wuxi and Huzhou. Except for Guangzhou and Shenzhen, most of the other cities are third- and fourth-tier cities.

  In the eyes of the industry, this has benefited from the positive signals issued by the central government since the end of September.

For example, at the press conference on financial statistics for the third quarter of 2021 held by the Central Bank on October 15, Zou Lan, Director of the Financial Markets Department of the Central Bank, stated that some financial institutions misunderstood that banks should not issue new development loans and that real estate credit will remain stable in the future. Orderly delivery.

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Not a large-scale loosening

  In cities where mortgage lending has been rumored to be relaxed, the news that "Qingdao Construction Bank and ICBC's loan quotas are fully liberalized, and other banks are also following up" spread widely on the Internet.

Qingdao buyer Wang Xuan (pseudonym) is currently anxiously waiting for the loan.

  "It took exactly one week for the approval to pass, and the intermediary said it was relatively fast." Wang Xuan told that the bank staff told her that they had received news of the policy change. The bank's mortgage quota is currently slightly relaxed and internal The speed of the process will also increase.

However, because there are so many variables at the end of the year, it is still uncertain how long the loan will be released.

  Chinanews also consulted on the mortgage business of the Qingdao branch of a state-owned bank.

Staff of the bank said that the interest rate has not fallen but the speed of lending has indeed increased, but the review and other procedures are still strict.

"The current business backlog is relatively serious, and we are still working hard to deal with the previously queued demand."

  The staff also said that most of the customers who feel the speed up of the approval and lending process are customers with good credit records and no debts.

"There is no problem of skipping the queue, but if the client's information is incomplete or the qualifications are problematic, the review time will be lengthened, and there will also be cases where some clients with good qualifications who apply for late apply for loans first."

  At the same time, Wang Xuan’s intermediary told that the “relaxation” situation is not completely universal. At present, he only hears news of speed-ups from some state-owned banks; and in order to protect the just-needed house purchase and help real estate companies "Destocking", the main amount is still used for first-hand mortgages, and the tightness of second-hand mortgages is still serious. asked the staff of the Beijing branch of a state-owned bank. He said he had heard the news that lending might be relaxed, and many customers came to inquire, but his bank has not yet received the new quota, and buyers are still queuing. waiting.

"At present, my customers have been in line for the longest time for nearly half a year, and if new buyers come to consult, I will usually tell me that they will be queued at least until next year."

  A staff member of another city commercial bank also said that the overall amount of housing loans is still tight.

"People come to consult every day, and we also hope that the quota can be looser and more business. But the current average loan cycle is still about three months."

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Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Bin

The overall lending speed is expected to improve next year

  "The speed of mortgage lending by individual banks does not mean that bank mortgages will be fully relaxed, nor does it mean a shift in real estate policy." Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Real Estate, said that from the monitoring situation, there is currently no large-scale real estate market in the country. Signs of loosening.

  “In recent months, property market transactions have fallen to a freezing point, so the number of new loans from banks is generally not large. With the same monthly mortgage approval quota, the decline in transactions also gives banks room to resolve the previous backlog of mortgages. And the performance is to speed up the lending.” Zhang Dawei said, in addition, some banks "try first," do not rule out testing the attitude of the supervisory authorities on mortgages.

  Wang Yifeng, chief analyst in the financial industry of Everbright Securities, predicts that in the next stage, the regulators may maintain a certain degree of flexibility in housing-related loan policies, and will not make a “one size fits all” approach, let alone rule out the proper advancement of some credit lines, which means mortgages. Increased the flexibility of loan placement.

  "In the future, there is a high probability that bank mortgages will loosen, but they will not be completely loosened, and signs of easing will not be reflected until next year." Zhang Dawei believes that preventing the property market from falling too quickly or becoming a future policy trend, and banks in various regions this year It is still necessary to digest the previous backlog of loan demand, and it is expected that the loan rate may improve next year.