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National Tax Service has launched a tax investigation on Namyang Dairy. It is known that the tax authorities will look into suspicions of misappropriation of funds by the chairman's family as well as the company's stock price soaring after Vulgaris announced that it was effective against Corona.

This content was covered by reporter Kim Jung-woo.

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morning of the 27th, employees of the National Tax Service came to Namyang Dairy's headquarters.

An official from Namyang Dairy said, "The National Tax Service visited the headquarters, Gangnam, Seoul, and Gangbuk branch without prior notice and conducted an investigation."

The investigative body is the 4 bureaus of the Seoul National Tax Service, which are mainly in charge of in-depth and planned tax investigations.

Previously, Namyang Dairy's stock price soared by nearly 30% when it announced that its dairy product, Vulgaris, had the effect of suppressing COVID-19 in April.

On the same day, the court accepted the private equity fund Han&Co's application to prevent the Hong family from exercising their voting rights at the extraordinary general meeting the day after (29th).

After the Bulgaris crisis, Chairman Hong signed a contract to hand over 53% of his and his family's stake in the company to Han&Co for about KRW 310 billion, but withdrew, and the company was scheduled to appoint a new executive at the special shareholders' meeting the day after tomorrow.

[Hongwonsik / Namyang chairman (last 5 days): (a aenko a) because the agreement is fulfilled not there go to court litigation pour everything first to find the most appropriate third-party power]

, but the court Namyang Chairman Hong's family decided that they could not exercise their voting rights on the agenda for the appointment of directors, saying that the notice of cancellation of the sale contract was not effective.

The formation of a new board of directors for Namyang Dairy has become difficult, and the litigation between Namyang and Han&Co has also entered a new phase.

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