China News Service, Zhengzhou, October 27 (Reporter Han Zhangyun) The reporter learned from the Henan Geology and Mineral Bureau on October 27 that after 10 years of geological surveys, the bureau discovered an extra-large gold mine in the Weishancheng area of ​​Tongbai County, Henan Province. , The preliminary estimate of gold reserves is 31.55 tons.

  The gold deposit discovered this time is located on the Tongbai-Dabie gold-silver-lead-zinc metallogenic belt, which is one of the important gold-silver metallogenic belts in China.

A total of 16 gold ore bodies have been discovered in this gold mine, with an average thickness of 1-3 meters, and gold grades ranging from 1.15 g/ton to 56.9 g/ton, and lead-zinc deposits are associated with them.

According to preliminary estimates, the amount of gold metal obtained is 31.55 tons, which is a super large size; 456 tons of silver, 100,000 tons of lead, and 90,000 tons of zinc.

At the end of 2022, gold resources are expected to reach 50 tons, and the prospecting potential in the deep part of the metallogenic belt is expected to exceed 100 tons.