In front of your own four walls is the search for a coveted yet affordable property.

Nowadays, some people prefer to look for a building site away from the city.

This sounds understandable due to rising housing costs, a recurring lust for the countryside and increasing home work - and yet some will return in surprise.

Churches intervene, judges too

Newcomers are not welcome everywhere. In Baden-Württemberg, communities with strong demand rely on locals to sell the municipal building land to those who have long been anchored in social life. Since these interventions in the municipal property sale did not always stand up in court, the CDU and municipalities are now looking for a way to secure the domestic allocation of building land in the state. Bavaria has also had local models for a long time to sell building land at a discount.

The question is whether the local politicians with such advantages for long-time residents promise to help the community in the longer term, in addition to giving preference to themselves in the next election.

The aging of society is likely to have a huge impact on this in the future.

If you want to strengthen your village, you should put at least part of the building land in outside hands.

New residents can revitalize rural life.

That escapes those who isolate themselves.