Israel approves construction of 3,144 housing units for settlers in West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett here in Jerusalem, October 17, 2021. AP - Sebastian Scheiner

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Israel's decision comes 24 hours after the United States fiercely condemned Israel's policy of expansion, illegal in the eyes of international law. 


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem, 

Sami Boukhelifa

Once again, the Israeli position is clear: the Jewish state shows that it will not yield to any international pressure on the issue of colonization.

This week begins with a call for tenders launched by the Israeli authorities for the construction of 1,355 housing units in the settlements located in the Palestinian territories.

Paris condemns, Washington criticizes and in reaction Israel gives the green light, this Wednesday, for the construction of 3,000 additional housing units. 

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Yet since coming to power last June, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, although in favor of colonization, has kept a low profile on this issue.

Because in theory, he is not the only one to govern.

A coalition of several parties, right, left, center and even an Islamist party, is currently ruling the country. 

For some, 


is the very essence of the State of Israel, others are fiercely opposed to it.

So, in order to guarantee the stability of their unity government, these different political formations had agreed to a

status quo

on colonization.


status quo

now broken. 


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