Dutch insurers have discovered about thirteen thousand cases of insurance fraud in 2020.

This prevented more than 88 million euros from being paid out unjustly, the Dutch Association of Insurers reported on Wednesday.

The fraud ranges from staging damage to taking out policies under a false name.

Most fraud investigations related to motor vehicle, home and travel insurance.

Fraud was most often committed by faking damage, making claims larger than they actually were, falsifying supporting documents and taking out a policy under a different name.

Also, damage was sometimes claimed more than once.

Measures due to the corona crisis - such as working from home, the curfew and the lockdowns - have not affected the number of fraud cases, according to the association.

With about thirteen thousand cases in 2020, this was 5 percent more than a year earlier.

Remarkably, the number of companies involved in fraud has increased by 40 percent in the past year.

Insurers are also increasingly confronted with cybercrime.

"We discover hacking attempts at insurance companies every day, but luckily most can be repelled," a spokesperson for the Dutch Association of Insurers told NU.nl.

Insurers work together through a common computer system to share information about cyber attacks.