"Imperial Hotel Tokyo," which opened as a Japanese guesthouse in the Meiji era, announced the exterior design of the new main building, which is expected to be completed 15 years later.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo is one of Japan's leading hotels with a history of more than 130 years, which opened as a Japanese guesthouse in 1897. I'm out.

For this reason, we plan to rebuild the "main building" and "tower building" over the next 15 years, and on the 27th, the design of the exterior of the new main building, which is the fourth generation and is expected to be completed in 2036, was announced.

The design was designed by Tsuyoshi Tane, a world-famous architect based in France, and inherits the architectural beauty concept of the second-generation main building, which was called the "jewel of the Orient."

While the number of glass-walled skyscrapers is increasing around Hibiya, Tokyo, where the hotel is located, the unique beige color with stones on the exterior and the shape of the building that looks like a staircase to suppress the feeling of oppression are characteristic.

The height of the building and the number of rooms have not yet been decided, but we would like to increase the number of large rooms that are in high demand from customers.

Hideya Sadayasu, president of the Imperial Hotel, said, "Because of the difficult times due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we asked for a design that returns to the origin of the Imperial Hotel. We want to create a hotel with a dignity and a profound feeling."