, Guangzhou, October 27th (Reporter Xu Qingqing) The pop-up advertisements on the webpage "are endless".

The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau on the 27th that, in order to further regulate and regulate Internet pop-up advertising, the bureau recently held an administrative guidance meeting on governance and standardization of Internet pop-up advertising. Special control of window advertisements to curb the chaos of Internet pop-up advertisements.

  "Internet pop-up advertisements are frequently chaotic. Some have outstanding problems such as difficulty in closing, deceiving users to click on the content of advertisements, and some pushing false and illegal advertisements and other bad information, which seriously affects users' normal use of the Internet." Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau According to the relevant person in charge, according to the "Advertising Law", "Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising" and other legal provisions, the illegal situations of pop-up advertising include: false closing signs; closing signs cannot be clearly identified or positioned; multiple closing signs appearing; closing advertisements , It must be clicked more than twice; in the same page, the advertisement will continue to pop up after being closed; other behaviors that affect the one-click closing; deceive users to click on the content of the pop-up advertisement, etc.

  For this special control, the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Department will implement dynamic adjustments and timely updates, screen and judge the violations of pop-up advertising behavior and content, highlight key areas of advertising supervision and law enforcement, especially serious investigations involving guidance, social public order and good customs, Key industries such as health food, education and training, investment and financial management, as well as illegal situations where telecommunications business operators and Internet information providers do not stop illegal activities.

  According to the above-mentioned person in charge, according to the special governance work plan, in order to consolidate the responsibilities of the main body of the pop-up advertising market, the Guangzhou municipal market supervision department concentrated on interviews with the top Internet market subjects that publish more local pop-up ads, and warned through interviews from the source. Reduce illegal pop-up advertisements; for market or Internet entities with serious problems in publishing illegal pop-up advertisements, increase social publicity and exposure by including the corporate credit information system to publicize, order rectification, investigate and deal with according to law, and media exposure.

At the same time, pop-up advertisements that violate the provisions of the "Advertising Law" and the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising" shall be promptly identified and filed for investigation in accordance with the law; for repeated investigations and repeated violations, and who refuse to make corrections, they shall be strictly investigated and dealt with quickly in accordance with the law.