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friendly economy time. Today (27th) will also be with reporter Kim Hye-min. From today, small business owners who have been affected by the corona can apply for loss compensation.

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's the third quarter of this year. So from July to September, social distancing was strengthened at this time, and the number of corona19 confirmed patients surged.

The government compensates the self-employed and small business owners whose sales have decreased due to quarantine measures from a minimum of 100,000 won to a maximum of 100 million won.

The way to calculate the loss is to compare the average daily profit for the third quarter with the profit for the same period in 2019 before the spread of COVID-19. Then you will be able to calculate how much profit has decreased during that time.

In addition, the compensation amount is determined by applying the date of implementation of quarantine measures and a compensation rate of 80%. Those who can receive compensation for losses include entertainment pubs and danran pubs, which are prohibited from gatherings.

Some stores have lost money due to limited hours of operation. Cafés and restaurants, singing practice areas, etc. can also receive rewards this time.

Small businesses are also included in the target this time, regardless of how many employees they have. We set the standard based on annual sales according to the industry.

There are 800,000 companies receiving compensation this time, so if you want to be included in this award, please check to see if you can receive compensation.


From what I've just explained, the amount of support ranges from a minimum of 100,000 won to a maximum of 100 million. Is there a way to know in advance how much compensation I will be able to receive?

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some extent, you can roughly know. I mentioned earlier that 800,000 places are rewarded. For 620,000 of them, the National Tax Service and local governments have calculated compensation in advance based on administrative data.

Therefore, it is subject to 'quick compensation', which is paid at the same time as the application. For these 'quick compensation' target companies, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups disclosed in advance what the average payment amount by industry is.

Entertainment facilities had the longest ban on gatherings. So, on average, they receive the most at 6.34 million won, with restaurants and cafes receiving 2.86 million won and PC rooms receiving about 4.32 million won.

If you check the expedited compensation amount, it may be less than expected or not even included in this target.

In this case, you can apply for a 'confirmation reward'. In addition, if you do not agree with this result, you can also 'appeal' within 30 days from the date of notification of the result.

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government has prepared a plan in advance based on taxation standards, taxes, and income declarations. Then, the application starts today. How can I apply?


In fact, you can apply from 8 am today, so this is the most necessary information. There are probably many people who fall under the 'quick compensation', but the fastest and easiest way to check is the website.

'Small Business Loss Compensation.kr' If you enter this site, you can apply right away without having to prepare any documents. I went to the site in advance once yesterday and was able to easily check the 'Apply for Compensation' banner.

I can't click it yet, because the application starts at 8:00 am, that is, about an hour later. It will open from this point on. Due to the high number of applicants, from today to the 30th, the 'odd-even system' will be operated.

If the last digit of your business registration number is an odd number, you can apply today and the day after tomorrow, or tomorrow and the 30th if it is an even number. From the 31st, all applications can be made without distinction.

In addition, applications are accepted offline as well as online. This starts on the 3rd of the next month. You can visit the loss compensation window at the Si/Gun/Gu office close to your workplace.

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have been several loss compensation payments so far. At that time, there were many people who said it was difficult because small business owners applied, but the compensation came too late. But this time, the name itself is a quick reward. So, does it come right out as soon as I apply?

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government seems to have paid a lot of attention to this aspect this time.If you apply, you can receive it on the same day or the next day.

The reward is divided into 4 times a day for each time zone. Simply put, if you apply before 4pm, you are more likely to receive it on the same day.

Also, if you apply before midnight after 4 pm, payment will be made from 3 am the next day.

You don't know if you're eligible for expedited compensation, and you can just skip it.

So, today and tomorrow, we will also send a separate message for application instructions.

Those who say "I think I'm entering the target, but I didn't receive a text message" can also check this through the website, call center (☎1533-3300), or online chat counseling (loss compensation 114.kr).

On the other hand, there are some objections to this compensation measure.

85% of small business owners were excluded because they were not in the business ban and business restrictions.

The government has announced that it will prepare emergency loans with ultra-low interest rates by next month.