Boeing thinks that the problems with the Dreamliner planes in recent months will cost a total of $1 billion (862 million euros).

The American aircraft manufacturer reported this on Wednesday in the margins of its third-quarter figures.

Problems have arisen several times in the past year with regard to Boeing's Dreamliners.

Deliveries had to be stopped at the end of 2020 due to electrical problems with the devices.

When those deliveries just started up again, they had to be stopped again in May due to technical problems.

Since July, the company has again not supplied Dreamliners to airlines, because a problem with the nose of the aircraft was identified.

Furthermore, last month there appeared to be problems with titanium parts in a number of Dreamliners that have been built over the past three years.

Deliveries have not yet resumed.

Boeing reports in its results report that two Dreamliners are currently being built per month.

"We continue to investigate the issues and continue to work with regulator FAA to restart deliveries," the report reads.

According to the company, this will eventually lead to $1 billion in additional costs, of which $183 million was already booked last quarter.

Partly as a result, Boeing recorded a net loss of $132 million in the third quarter.

A quarter earlier, the company made a profit for the first time in a long time.

Revenue rose 8 percent to $15.3 billion.

Boeing delivered 85 aircraft during this period, mainly 737 MAX aircraft.

They have recently been delivered again after they had to be grounded for a year due to two fatal crashes in a short time.