• The shutdown of production of the A380 freed up a huge industrial site which served as an interconnection platform to tranship the parts of the A380 arriving by river barges to trucks.

  • A call for projects has been launched by the State and Voie Navigable de France to give new life to these hangars.

  • The project was to include a river component, which the timber house construction company Ademeure wishes to integrate.

Back to earth for the huge Airbus industrial site in Langon (Gironde).

After having accommodated parts of the A380, the warehouses located on the banks of the Garonne will now be used for the manufacture of pre-equipped walls for wooden houses ...

The Ademeure company has just been selected by a jury to take over the Airbus site.

It served as an interconnection platform to transfer parts of the A380 to trucks, and also of the Beluga XL, arriving by river barges.

The cessation of the production of the widebody has freed up this influence of almost three hectares, owned by the State and which VNF (Voie Navigable de France) wants to use to develop river freight.

"We will leave these warehouses whole houses ready to assemble"

After having created and resold the Drimki-Refleximmo real estate appraisal and sale website, Jonathan Duffié and Thomas Laurentin entered the wood-frame house market, by creating Ademeure in Langon, in 2017. With double-digit annual growth and an order book that has now reached six million euros, Ademeure wishes to give another dimension to its activity by offering houses pre-equipped in the factory. For that, he needed a site the size of that of Airbus, including a building 80 meters long, 40 meters wide and 20 meters high.

“Pre-fitting means that we equip the walls of the house in the factory with carpentry, insulation, hydraulic and electrical networks,” explains Jonathan Duffié.

We will thus leave these warehouses whole houses ready to assemble on site.

This allows us to better control contingencies than on construction sites, thanks to on-site buffer stocks and standardized manufacturing processes.


Wood from Nouvelle-Aquitaine and eastern France

Ademeure has the ambition to leave 300 houses per year by 2025, at the price of 1,500 euros per m2 to date. “But we hope to be able to lower these costs even further,” emphasizes the entrepreneur. It takes about nine months for the realization and assembly of the house, "knowing that we are experiencing, like others, supply delay problems at the moment linked to the Covid-19 crisis, continues Jonathan Duffié . That said, we manage to do our job because we have chosen to supply ourselves locally. Our wood - spruce, Douglas and maritime pine - comes from the massif of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and eastern France. All our cladding is in maritime pine from the Landes forest. "

Supported financially on this project, Ademeure will have to invest 1.5 million euros to transform the hangars, and will then sign an 18-year lease with VNF for the occupation of the site.

The company hopes to start operations in the second quarter of 2022.

"We have a magnificent river network"

Ademeure also wishes to support its project with the opening of a wood school.

"Today the wooden house represents 10% of the market in France, but the Ministry of Housing has announced that this will have to be the standard by 2030," recalls Jonathan Duffié.

The new environmental regulations plan to give pride of place to wood in the construction of individual houses.

"We therefore need to train the personnel of tomorrow, to have enough roofers, bardeurs, designers…"

The other ambition of Ademeure is to rely on the Garonne, to transport its materials by river.

“We have a magnificent river network but it is not used enough, regrets Jonathan Duffié.

We are working with VNF to do river freight, and we particularly want to use the superb dock that had been made for Airbus, and which lends itself beautifully to this type of activity.


A modal share of the river which would be from 10% to 30% depending on the departments

"We are going to continue our meetings with Ademeure to build together the development of their river project," says Eilika Gental, freight development and urban river logistics manager at VNF ​​Sud-Ouest. We will also support the other candidates of the call for projects which were not selected, with whom we will maintain exchanges ”within the framework of the Modal shift assistance plan.

If river freight represents 3% of goods transport in France, "we must take into account the potential scope of each mode of transport" insists Eilika Gental.

“The river can only develop its activity in areas crossed by a waterway.

"If we look at the same perimeter, on the departments crossed by a large-gauge river network (making it possible to transport a very large quantity of goods), the modal share of the river is more of the order of 10 to 30% in tonnes -km ”recently estimated Thierry Guimbaud, Managing Director of VNF.


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