Akita Bank and Bank of Iwate, which have the highest market shares in the prefecture, announced that they have agreed to cooperate in a wide range of fields to strengthen profitability and reduce costs.

This was revealed by Akita Bank President Akihiro Shintani and Bank of Iwate President Yukio Taguchi at a press conference in Akita City on the morning of the 27th.

According to this, the two banks have agreed to form a business alliance in a wide range of fields such as regional revitalization, development of new businesses, and streamlining of systems and office work.

Specifically, in addition to cooperating in the field of introducing human resources to local companies suffering from a shortage of successors, it is envisioned that a customer information management system will be shared, and a project team will be set up by both banks in the future. And then.

Until now, Akita Bank and Bank of Iwate had a tie-up for mutual use of ATMs, but the business environment of regional banks is becoming more difficult due to prolonged low interest rates, etc., and the business tie-up will deepen the cooperative relationship between the two banks. The aim is to strengthen profitability and reduce costs.

On the other hand, regarding the possibility of future capital tie-ups and business integrations, Bank of Iwate President Taguchi said, "I do not deny mergers and integrations, but at this stage I think we can evolve our business model by promoting business tie-ups." He stated that he has no intention of conducting a business integration at present.