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application for loss compensation for small businesses affected by the government's Corona quarantine measures such as business hours restrictions started yesterday (27th).

The government said it would pay quickly without submitting documents, but the website was paralyzed from the start.

Correspondent Han Sang-woo.

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application for loss compensation for small businesses started online at 8 am yesterday.

We have built a system so that you can access it with a smartphone, and you can access it by simply entering 'compensation for small business loss' in Korean in the Internet address bar.

But there was a problem from the start.

The application page did not open at all or even if it was opened, it was virtually paralyzed throughout the morning.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups said that the problem was solved quickly, but application errors continued into the afternoon.

Small business owners who were only waiting for the subsidy burst out in anger.

[Small business owners who apply for loss compensation: I've been staring at my cell phone since I've been dining since 8 o'clock.

Am I the only person like me?]

From July to the end of September this year, 800,000 small business establishments that were damaged by the Corona 19 quarantine measures are eligible for compensation, and 620,000 of them are eligible for expedited payment.

If you applied before 4pm, you could have received the compensation right away, but there were cases where you could not even apply.

[Kim Joong-hyun / Public Relations Manager of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups: Linking Korean domains, the process of self-authentication, the process of uploading documents, and many other complexities in the process...

.] As of

6:00 pm yesterday evening, 18,728 applications for expedited compensation were received amid the connection interruption, and 26.4 billion won was paid to 7,649 companies.