All seven university hospitals in the Netherlands will participate in a staff campaign for better working conditions on Tuesday.

Dozens of wards operate Sunday shifts, which means that only emergency operations take place in those wards.

Radboudumc in Nijmegen did not participate in the previous national day of action, but this hospital is now also taking part, a spokesperson said.

"There are 21 departments working according to the Sunday service. The planned operations cannot continue there."

According to the spokesperson, it is not immediately possible to map out how many operations are involved.

The consequences of the action differ per hospital.

A spokesperson for the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam says that 75 percent of the operations have been canceled in the ten departments where action is being taken.

"And that while there was already a lot of catch-up care after the corona period. We understand the actions, but they do affect the patient."

There is a great willingness to take action at Maastricht UMC+: no fewer than 78 departments are taking part.

A spokesperson estimates that in total about a third of the employees have registered.

"The impact on patient safety is so great that we have had to decide to work on Sunday shifts throughout the hospital."

According to the spokesperson, it is a dilemma for the Maastricht hospital.

"On the one hand, employees have the right to take action. On the other hand, it is really disadvantageous for the patient, especially now that the number of corona cases is increasing again. Acute care continues, but backlogs do arise. ."

Also Sunday services in the other UMCs

The Amsterdam UMC (actions in 34 departments) had already taken precautions.

"Because the strike was known well in advance, few operations were planned for Tuesday. These planned operations have now also been cancelled, because the ORs also run Sunday services."

In the UMC Utrecht, 35 departments are taking part in the promotion.

"The UMC wants to provide space for employees to take action," the hospital said.

"Unfortunately, the day of action leads to inconvenience for patients, as scheduled appointments, examinations, treatments and surgeries are cancelled."

In the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), employees in 55 departments are campaigning.

The hospital emphasizes in a statement that the Central Blood Collection Department is open, among other things.

There are also actions in the UMC Groningen, according to the trade unions in 27 departments.

According to the FNV, one of the unions that took the initiative for the campaign, a total of 279 departments are participating in the seven university hospitals.

On the previous day of action, there were only just under ninety at the end of September.

It should be noted with these numbers that a department is already counted if one employee indicates that he will work according to the Sunday shift.