A venture company in Tokyo will start selling "Hoverbike", a motorcycle-type vehicle that floats and moves from the ground like a drone, and the vehicle was released on the 26th.

A venture company in Tokyo has been developing a vehicle called "hoverbike" that floats from the ground for four years.

As the company started accepting orders from the 26th, we released the movement of the vehicle at the race track in Shizuoka prefecture.

The vehicle, which has a total length of about 3.7 meters, has six propellers in the front and rear, and it floats while controlling the rotation with a motor.

When I started the engine, the car body floated up about 3 meters on the spot and moved in the air at a speed of 30 km / h in a figure of eight.

The price is 77,700,000 yen per unit, and according to the company, it may be the first time in Japan to mass-produce and sell hoverbikes.

The hoverbike released this time cannot run on public roads at present, but the company that developed it wants to conclude an agreement with Yamanashi Prefecture and conduct demonstration experiments to increase opportunities to utilize it in the event of a disaster.

Daisuke Katano, president of the developed "ALI Technologies", said, "We developed it with an emphasis on making it relatively easy to ride. We want to raise awareness and expand it as an industry originating in Japan."