Iranian nuclear: Tehran drags its feet to return to the negotiating table

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri during a meeting with EU Special Envoy Enrique Mora in Tehran on October 14, 2021. AFP - -

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It is a long and complex diplomatic ballet which should lead to the resumption of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Discussions took place this year in Vienna in Austria, then Iran changed president and has been slow to resume the thread of the dialogue since.

This week, the Iranian negotiator in charge of the nuclear issue is expected in Brussels.


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Ali Bagheri is the new Iranian deputy minister of foreign affairs, in charge of the nuclear issue.

He is expected this week in Brussels, where he has a meeting with European negotiator Enrique Mora.

Despite this meeting in Brussels, no date has yet been set to return to Vienna because it is in the Austrian capital that the substantive discussions between Iran, the United States and China must resume. , Russia, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, these countries which in 2015 had reached an agreement guaranteeing the civilian character of Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

A European diplomatic source today describes a " 

particularly critical

 " situation where Iran seems to be dragging its feet to resume dialogue while crossing red lines in its nuclear work.

Passing through Europe in recent days, US special envoy to Iran Robert Malley said "

 the door will not stay open forever 

" to save the nuclear deal.

Recently the United States and Israel evoked the “ 

military option

 ” in the event of failure of the diplomatic channel.

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