Demonstration experiments are being conducted in Tokyo on a system that allows consumers to easily check who caught the marine products lined up in stores, what kind of distribution route they took, and simply read the QR code on their smartphones.

This demonstration experiment is being conducted at a fish store in Tokyo.

A council of fishermen, distributors, and IT companies started in the middle of this month.

Consumers can easily check various information about marine products simply by scanning the QR code attached to the sashimi pack with their smartphone.

Not only information such as who caught the fish, where the sea area was caught, and what kind of distribution route was taken, but also the thoughts on resource management can be known by tapping the information button of the fisherman.

The council hopes that consumers will be able to know this information, which will lead to sustainable fisheries in the future.

Mr. Kazuhiko Ohno, a fisherman who participates in the council, said, "I want you to have more momentum to support fishermen who are fishing while considering resources."

In addition, there is a growing movement in Japan to sell marine products that take resource management into consideration, such as by utilizing certification systems such as the international "MSC" and "MEL" in Japan, which are operated by organizations headquartered in the United Kingdom.