In the Tokyo stock market on the 25th of the week, domestic semiconductor-related stocks were also sold due to concerns that the earnings outlook of a major American semiconductor company was lower than the market forecast, and the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily dropped by more than 300 yen. ..

▽ Nikkei Stock Average, closing price on the 25th is 28,600.41 yen, which is 204.44 yen lower than last weekend.

▽ Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics fell 6.81 to 1995.42.

▽ The daily trading volume was 1,045,760,000 shares.

Market officials said, "In response to the fact that the outlook for sales toward the end of the year was lower than the market forecast due to the disruption of the supply network due to the financial results of the American semiconductor giant Intel announced last week, sales orders centered on semiconductor-related stocks in Japan as well In addition, export-related stocks such as automobiles were also sold due to the yen's appreciation in the foreign exchange market. "