Two out of three lenders in the Netherlands, including all major banks, have raised mortgage rates in the past week.

This is apparent from an analysis by Van Bruggen Adviesgroep.

Major bank ABN AMRO confirms the increase and it was previously announced that market leader Rabobank has adjusted the interest rate on mortgages.

Mortgage interest rates have been at historically low levels for a long time.

That has recently started to change and now the rates appear to be rising a bit faster.

Last week it appeared that market leader Rabobank had increased the mortgage interest rate.

Van Bruggen Adviesgroep concluded that the rest would follow and that has happened in the meantime.

The financial service provider announced on Monday that two out of three lenders raised interest rates last week, including major banks ING, Rabobank and ABN AMRO.

Some companies are even on their second increase, the analysis says.

When asked, ABN AMRO confirms that the bank raised the interest on mortgages last week.

According to the spokesperson, this is a result of rising capital market interest rates.

In general, interest rates have been rising for some time and that ultimately also leads to an increase in mortgage rates.

ING could not yet be reached for comment.

The spokesperson could not say by how many percentage points ABN AMRO will increase the mortgage interest.

Van Bruggen spoke last week about increases to 0.15 percent.

Experts have been predicting for some time that a rise in mortgage rates will lead to a fall in house prices.

After all, it becomes relatively more expensive to borrow for a house if a mortgage costs more.

Whether that will actually happen will be revealed in the coming months.