On October 24, the world's first land-based commercial modular small pile Linglong No. 1 steel containment bottom head was hoisted ahead of schedule.

This is an important milestone in the construction of the Hainan Changjiang multi-purpose modular small-scale reactor technology demonstration project, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent construction of the main structure of the reactor plant.

  The containment is an important part of the nuclear power plant reactor building and a key nuclear safety barrier. It is structurally composed of three parts: the top head, the cylinder and the bottom head.

Among them, the bottom head is located between the internal structure foundation and the integral raft foundation, supports the steel containment shell, and transmits various loads and functions of the steel containment shell and its supporting items to the integral raft foundation.

  The Hainan Changjiang Multi-purpose Modular Small Reactor Technology Demonstration Project (Small Reactor Demonstration Project) started construction at the Hainan Nuclear Power Base in July 2021. This is the world's first land-based commercial modular small reactor to start construction.

It is estimated that the annual power generation capacity can reach 1 billion kwh after completion, meeting the living needs of 526,000 households.

Its promotion and application can promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and will strongly promote the safe development and independent innovation of nuclear power.

(Liu Xuan Lin Shijie)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】

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