[Explanation] On October 23, the North Square of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) was in a lively atmosphere, accompanied by the singing of "Hand in Hand", which symbolizes the cooperation and friendship of the people of the world, carrying the 4th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as Jinbo). The first batch of trucks of the exhibits formally entered the venue, which also marked the official entry of the fourth CIIE into the exhibition stage.

  It is reported that the first batch of exhibits include Japan's Amada company's bending machine and Germany's Jungheinrich company's reach forklift and electric tractor.

Amada's fully automatic die change bending machine (HRBC-ATC) is equipped with a fully automatic die change device, which fully automates the previous manual mold preparation, while also maximizing the production efficiency of bending processing.

  [Concurrent] Hiroshi Yamamoto, Chairman and General Manager of Amada (China) Co., Ltd.

  In the past sheet metal manufacturing, intelligence and automation mostly refer to the automatic transportation of materials.

But the main highlight of our equipment this time is that its mold can be replaced automatically, so it can flexibly correspond to the products we process.

This equipment is a new equipment that we have manufactured to meet the processing needs of the Chinese market, so this is also the first appearance of this equipment.

  [Explanation] Jungheinrich has participated in the CIIE for four consecutive years.

This time the brand brought green concept exhibits, including the first EZS7280 in Asia and the first ETVQ20 in China, which are not only green and environmentally friendly, but also greatly improve storage efficiency.

  [Concurrent] Bai Daping, General Manager of Jungheinrich China

  What we announced today is our first product EZS7280 in Asia. This is a large-tonnage electric tractor dedicated to the entire airport.

In addition, we also have a product called ETVQ20 for the first time at the CIIE. The feature of this car is that it can travel freely in 360 degrees. It can meet the application of the entire scene under different working conditions. We call it the "crab car". ".

  [Explanation] The person in charge of Amada said that in 2019, the company will become attached to the second CIIE, which has attracted many attentions and laid a solid foundation for market promotion.

At this CIIE, the company entered the exhibition early and looked forward to expanding product visibility.

  [Concurrent] Hiroshi Yamamoto, Chairman and General Manager of Amada (China) Co., Ltd.

  Although we only exhibited one piece of equipment at the CIIE, we have a technical center in Shanghai. The technical center contains the entire processing equipment for the entire process, and we have all exhibited.

Then we also want to use this form of networking to introduce our full-process intelligent and automated equipment to everyone at the CIIE.

  [Explanation] It is reported that as of October 23, the number of temporary imported exhibits at Shanghai Port has reached 150 batches, and 98% of the exhibits of the 4th CIIE are already in China.

Next, all exhibition areas will start to set up in an all-round way, and it is expected that the booth construction and exhibit arrangement will be completed around November 2nd.

  Reporter Xu Yinkang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】

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