Selenium, like iron, boron, manganese, copper, etc., is an essential trace element for the human body.

In recent years, with the improvement of people's quality of life, selenium-enriched products have become popular in the market.

  On September 26, the 6th World Selenium Capital (Enshi) Selenium Products Expo was held in Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei.

At the trade fair, selenium-enriched products such as selenium-enriched tea, selenium-enriched garlic, selenium-enriched rice, and selenium-enriched vegetables were dazzlingly crowded, making people feel the huge market potential of selenium-enriched products.

  Prosperous Selenium Expo

  In the early morning of September 26, Liu Lei, a citizen of Enshi, came to the Selenium Expo to observe the exhibition.

In the special selenium product exhibition area, tea, honey, eggs, bacon and other agricultural and sideline products, as well as various beverages, lozenges and other deep-processed products occupy a whole wall of showcases, and the middle booth is represented by pansy leaf cardamine. Enshi polyselenium plant and popular science books.

  "I saw a lot of new products here, and I have gained a lot of knowledge." Liu Lei told reporters that he bought a lot of new products that day. If the taste is right, he would recommend them to his family and friends so that everyone can experience the health brought by "selenium". .

  Unlike consumer Liu Lei, Yue, the head of Hebei Baoyou Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is satisfied that he came to Enshi to find a partner.

Yue satisfied that he participated in the Selenium Expo that year in 2016 and reached a cooperation agreement with an exhibiting company in Pueraria lobata powder.

"This time, I hope to find food processing raw materials that are not available in the north in Enshi."

  In the enterprise exhibition area of ​​the Selenium Expo, Yue Satisfied after many comparisons, and finally stopped in front of the booth of Enshi Tiantianjia Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

"The taste is good, I am very satisfied." After in-depth communication with the manufacturer, Yue Satisfied and reached a preliminary cooperation agreement with the other party.

  Henan Kunyuan Kangyang Health Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the promotion of nutrition and health products. The company manager Cao Dongya told reporters, "Two years ago, I found that selenium-enriched products sell well, so I focused on the agency and sales of selenium-enriched products." Cao Dongya said He had a lot of gains this time. He took a fancy to Badong selenium-enriched garlic sauce and other products. On the first day of the exhibition, he signed an order contract of 200,000 yuan with the manufacturer.

  “Edible selenium agricultural products are recognized as a safe, effective and scientific method of selenium supplementation.” Yin Xuebin, vice chairman of the International Selenium Research Society and chairman of the National Functional Agriculture Technology Innovation Alliance, said that with the advancement of technology, more and more selenium-enriched Products enrich the daily choices of consumers and also bring a high-quality life.

  A resounding selenium brand

  From selling resources to selling products to selling brands, many selenium-rich regions have vigorously developed selenium-rich industries in recent years.

  "In the past two days, foreign merchants visited the company and ordered 8 million yuan of selenium products at a time." Yu Aimin, general manager of Enshi Selenium Valley Technology Co., Ltd., is a merchant from Jiangsu. In 2017, he inspected several selenium-rich regions. Later, it was finally decided to choose the location of the company in Enshi. At present, the company has more than 200 "Selenium Products" chain stores across the country.

  "The state's emphasis on selenium resources has activated the endogenous driving force for the development of characteristic industries represented by the selenium industry in Enshi." said Wang Lei, deputy governor of Enshi Prefecture. , Selenium-enriched tea, Enshi Yulu, Enshi selenium-enriched small potatoes and other products have established brands in China.

  Not only Enshi, many parts of the country are vigorously cultivating selenium-rich agricultural products brands.

At this Selenium Expo, 6 companies from Ganzhou, Jiangxi came to the exhibition.

"Ganzhou has currently registered 85 selenium-enriched agricultural products trademarks and completed 100 selenium-enriched agricultural products certification." said Yuan Jie, head of the market section of the Ganzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau and head of the municipal selenium enrichment office.

  Yan Wende, chairman of Jiangxi Sehang Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., told reporters: “The company has contracted more than 1,000 acres of selenium-rich land to grow rice, and the products are mainly connected to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Although the unit price is higher, the market is not bad.” Yan Wende said. They implement management, variety, planting technology, pest prevention and control, and sales. They effectively control the safety of the entire chain of rice from the field to the table. The high-quality products make consumers feel value for money.

  Han Zhihui, an expert member of the Agricultural Products Processing Industry Expert Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that in order for selenium-enriched products to sell well, building a good brand is the key. It is necessary to closely explore the characteristics of selenium-enriched raw materials to create a unique brand favored by the market.

  The fast-growing selenium industry

  From planting to rough processing to extraction of plant selenium protein, the attractive selenium industry has attracted businesses to invest in the intensive and deep processing industry of selenium food.

  Yuan Jie introduced that Ganzhou has compiled the "Ganzhou Selenium-Enriched Agricultural Industry Development Plan (2020-2030)", which clarifies the timetable and roadmap for the development of the city's selenium-enriched industry, and leads the long-term development of the industry through planning.

  The selenium deep processing industry in Enshi has also entered a period of rapid development in recent years, covering new industries such as selenium food processing, selenium microorganisms, selenium fertilizers, selenium feed, and selenium daily chemicals.

In the first half of this year, there were 2,865 selenium food deep processing enterprises in Enshi Prefecture, with a total output value of 9.231 billion yuan.

  "Enshi has developed selenium resources for more than 30 years, and has taken the lead in establishing a relatively complete system for the production, processing, R&D, exhibition and sales of selenium products in the country." said Peng Zuoquan, director of the academician expert workstation liaison committee and chief engineer of Enshi Selenium Valley Technology Co., Ltd. , Primary selenium-enriched agricultural products represented by Enshi selenium-enriched tea are sold to domestic and foreign markets, and are now developing into the intensive processing industry of selenium food, and are developing towards integration with related industries such as cultural tourism, health preservation, and Chinese medicinal materials.

  At present, the development of China's selenium industry still faces many difficulties.

In this regard, Yin Xuebin suggested that we should follow the development idea of ​​"creating high-quality goods and improving quality", and realize the standardization, foodization, intelligence, recycling, branding and model of selenium resources from selenium resources to selenium industry from the dimensions of technology, brand, and market. change.

  Our reporter Dong Qingsen and Liu Jie

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