A container ship has been raging for days off the west coast of Canada, releasing toxic gases.

The fire started in six containers earlier this week and is still not under control on Saturday evening (local time).

At least forty containers have now fallen from the ship.

Some containers are still floating in the vicinity of the ship.

There are no known casualties.

Of the 21 crew members, 16 have been rescued.

The rest will remain on the ship, the Canadian Coast Guard reported.

Other sources report that there are still 11 people on board.

Some of the containers contain more than 50 tons of chemical products that are used in mining.

The substances are said to be harmful to the environment and dangerous to humans.

The ship, the MV Zim Kingston, ran into trouble due to stormy weather.

The vessel, which sails under the Maltese flag, is anchored at the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the sea route leading to the ports of Vancouver, Canada, and Seattle, USA.

A safety zone has been set up around the ship with a radius of 1.5 kilometers.

The Canadian and US Coast Guards are working together to bring the situation under control.


fire video.

Very intense.

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