, Xi'an, October 23 (Yang Yingqi) The 2021 Yangling Modern Agriculture High-end Forum with the theme of "jointly innovating and cooperating to promote food security" was held online on the 22nd.

On the same day, many parties called for working together to promote food security and contribute to the realization of the goal of zero hunger and zero poverty.

  Qu Sixi, the representative of the United Nations World Food Program in China, said that China has not only eliminated extreme poverty across the country, but also has made great contributions to world food security in the face of multiple challenges brought by the new crown epidemic.

As the main agency of the United Nations to eradicate hunger, it should actively share and promote China’s development experience with developing countries.

  The Sri Lankan ambassador to China Palita Kohona visited 13 provinces in China and witnessed the transformation of China's agricultural production.

He said that China's experience in leading agricultural progress and promoting rural prosperity through high technology is worth learning from an agricultural country like Sri Lanka.

  Zhang Tao, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that Yangling Agricultural High-tech Zone has always been at the forefront of the world in terms of agricultural technological innovation, demonstration and promotion, and international exchanges and cooperation.

As a member of the Yangling Agricultural Demonstration Zone Construction Leading Group, the Chinese Academy of Sciences will further play the role of high-end think tanks, train high-end professionals, and build agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship bases, and join hands with Yangling to make greater contributions to China and global food security.

  It is reported that as the main event of the Agricultural High-level Forum, the Modern Agriculture Forum has been successfully held for 20 sessions since 2000. There are more than 50 ministerial officials and well-known officials from more than 30 countries including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Experts and others gave speeches at the forum, which greatly promoted the exchange and cooperation of agricultural science and technology between China and foreign countries.


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