On October 21st, Tongdun Technology held the "Assisting Anti-fraud, Technology Empowering Security-Data Security Day" in Beijing, inviting Wang Xiaowei, associate professor and graduate tutor of the School of Investigation, People’s Public Security University of China, a security expert and digital expert in the intelligent anti-fraud industry. Ten media in Beijing had in-depth exchanges.

Niu Kai, Vice President of Tongdun Technology and Dean of Law Research Institute, attended the event and delivered a speech.

Niu Kai, Vice President of Tongdun Technology and Dean of the Law Research Institute, delivered a speech at the "Data Security Day" event Photo courtesy of Tongdun Technology

  In his speech, Niu Kai said that currently, criminal activities of telecommunications network fraud are rampant, and some people's money for medical treatment, pension, and school are swept away by fraudsters, which seriously endangers the vital interests of the people and the harmony and stability of the society.

In response to this, national public security, cybersecurity and informatization, financial supervision and other departments are based on comprehensive governance, source governance, and governance according to law, focusing on front-end prevention, and launching special rectification actions.

As a social science and technology force, Tongdun Technology has been assisting the whole people in combating and controlling telecommunications network fraud crimes in its own way, helping financial institutions to protect their treasury, and helping ordinary people to protect their money bags.

  In his speech, Associate Professor Wang Xiaowei introduced the overall situation and prevention strategies of telecommunications network fraud crimes.

He said that with the rapid development and application of communication and network technologies, telecommunication network fraud crimes are also undergoing significant changes. Criminal methods and technologies are continuously upgraded and new types of fraudulent techniques continue to emerge.

At present, with the in-depth advancement of the comprehensive management of telecommunications network fraud, an anti-fraud atmosphere in the whole society is taking shape.

  Wei Wei, a security expert in the industry security expert of Tongdun Technology and an anti-fraud lecturer of the Payment and Clearing Association, introduced from the perspective of technology-enabled anti-fraud. Advanced technical tools such as terminal security, intelligent risk control platforms, machine learning platforms, and knowledge graph platforms help financial institutions and other customers to improve their defense against gambling and fraud risks; at the same time, from artificial intelligence strategy system construction, model support, to business As well as risk control consulting and intelligent risk operation, Tongdun has exported a wealth of knowledge supply to finance and other industries, helping customers achieve leapfrog development and digital improvement in anti-fraud.

  The security technical expert of Xiaodun, a professional security service brand under Tongdun Technology and the lecturer of the Bank of China lecture hall, introduced the forms and prevention and control countermeasures of high-fare network telecom fraud.

He said that network telecommunications fraud is designed to cooperate with gangs, using network platform big data, network technology, psychological attack, etc. to induce victims to commit fraud. The crime organization is highly specialized, concealed, and socially harmful.

Internet telecommunications anti-fraud prevention and control should be carried out simultaneously from the state, enterprises, and individuals, attach importance to Internet data protection, regulate the use of Internet data, improve the awareness of big data security between enterprises and individuals, form a national data information security prevention and control system, and help build the network Telecommunications anti-fraud security prevention and control system.

  In the past two years, Tongdun Technology has continued to increase its technological innovation and research and development efforts, putting a large amount of manpower and material resources, in-depth artificial intelligence algorithms and powerful computing power platforms into the front line of the fight against fraud and illegal production, and strive to help customers Build a risk prevention and control system, reinforce the security defense fortress, help customers protect account security and transaction security more than 20 billion times each year, and guard the trillion-level fund security.

  At the same time, Tongdun Technology has mobilized elite soldiers to form an anti-fraud public welfare propaganda group in Hangzhou, where the company’s headquarters is located, and actively carry out a series of “all-employee anti-fraud mobilization” activities, which have successively carried out dozens of Anti-fraud propaganda activities.

Through the analysis and explanation of typical cases, the black industry chain is exposed with the idea of ​​"knowing yourself and the enemy", so that the people can deeply understand the forms, methods and hazards of telecom fraud, master the necessary preventive skills, and equip the common people with a "protective shield" against telecom fraud. The social response is good.

At present, the preaching activities have reached more than 12,000 audiences, indirectly affecting 100,000 families and businesses.

  Niu Kai introduced that while helping financial institutions to protect the treasury and the common people to protect their money bags, Tongdun Technology is also making every effort to maintain data security.

Tongdun Technology believes that maintaining data security requires coordinated advancement from multiple perspectives such as technological innovation, legal norms, and industry self-discipline, so that data elements can better serve the construction of a new development pattern.

  Tongdun Technology has explored some new paths in data security applications through means such as'technical innovation + system construction'.

First, Tongdun uses technical means to achieve data de-identification processing, associated information decentralized storage, and end-to-end encryption of data transmission to ensure that data is "available and invisible", and supports business data compliance from the underlying architecture.

Second, Tongdun built a theoretical system for the next generation of trusted artificial intelligence based on advanced technologies such as privacy computing and federated learning, forming a systematic product architecture and technology ecology.

Third, Tongdun actively participates in the formulation of multiple data security-related standards; from its own practice to the development of the industry, it contributes to the healthy development of the industry.

  Niu Kai said that Tongdun hopes to hold a series of data security days to invite professional forces from more sectors such as law, enterprises, scientific research institutes, etc., through in-depth exchanges, to collide with more sparks of wisdom, and to better maintain data. Safe and promote the development of the digital economy, make suggestions and make contributions.

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