The city will initially be built as a "model city" for safe consumption in 2025

  News from our newspaper (reporter Zhang Nan) By 2025, this city will initially be built into a "model city" for safe consumption.

Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Shijingshan, and the Management Committee of Economic and Technological Development Zone jointly held a media briefing on "Beijing Cultivating and Building an International Consumer Center City".

In the construction of the "Model City", a new type of supervision model based on "credit" will be launched in this city, and new business formats such as "front store and rear factory", "no washing and quick cutting" will be supported, and consumer issues will be "accepted." "Complaints are handled immediately" and strive to achieve full handling of complaints and full follow-up visits.

  The city will explore the pilot reform of "one industry, one certificate".

At present, 10 industry scenarios including medical device distributors, pharmacies, supermarkets (convenience stores), catering stores, bookstores, outpatient departments, road freight companies, and private kindergartens have been selected in the Economic and Technological Development Zone to carry out the reform of "one industry, one certificate" Pilot.

  Prior notification of commitments, hierarchical and classified supervision during the incident, and subsequent joint punishment... This city will build a new type of supervision mechanism based on "credit".

Among them, explore the mechanism for linking the results of the comprehensive evaluation of corporate public credit with market access, policy preferences, and government procurement, and select 2-3 government affairs scenarios to carry out pilots by the end of 2022, and fully implement them in government affairs in various industries and fields of the city by 2025 .

All industry associations and chambers of commerce will also implement industry-based disciplinary measures against the entities that violate promises.

By the end of 2025, we will promote the formation of a full chain and full cycle credit supervision system for credit report inquiries, credit evaluation and classification, priority list warning, severe dishonesty punishment, and credit repair in various industries by the end of 2025, fully embodying the "Beijing Integrity" model Lead.

  With regard to new business models and new models, the city will adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, and promote the healthy development of new business models and new models such as "shops in front of the factory" and "no-wash quick cut".

  To build a "model city" for consumer peace of mind is inseparable from consumer disputes that are handled as soon as the case is received.

In the future, when encountering consumer problems, the city will strive to achieve full handling of complaints and full return visits.

  "Industry takes the lead and centralizes responsibility." There will be a new process for handling complaints and reports in key service consumer areas.

In 2021, we will focus on formulating a list of key issues in areas such as housing leasing, online travel, online car-hailing, education and training, and systematic research on solutions.

By 2025, we will select key industry sectors every year to study and solve consumer safety issues with concentrated consumer feedback, urgent appeals, and wide-ranging impacts, and systematically improve service satisfaction in related fields.

  A series of new measures will point out the direction for the healthy development of the "platform economy".

This city will promote platform companies to unblock the channels for consumer complaints and reports, establish an information sharing mechanism with the 12345 Citizens Hotline Service Center, and encourage platform companies and industry regulatory authorities to establish a rapid resolution channel for complaints and disputes.

  This city will establish a unified food safety traceability standard and norms throughout the city.

By the end of 2021, key food categories in the field of food production will be included in the traceability platform first, and by the end of 2022, it will be gradually explored to include all the product information of food production enterprises to achieve informatized traceability.

In the pharmaceutical field, high-risk companies such as vaccines and specialty drugs, as well as companies selected for centralized procurement by the state, will carry out full-coverage supervision and inspection.

  Intensify the protection of intellectual property rights. The city will study and formulate intellectual property protection plans for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights for major events such as the Winter Olympics, the Winter Paralympics, the Service Trade Fair, and Universal Studios.

  Construction highlights in each district

  ●Dongcheng: Dongzhimen, Chongwai, and Longfu Temple will present three characteristic business districts

  Dongcheng District will build a key consumption spatial pattern of "one axis, one belt, two cores and three circles".

Among them, "One Axis" is the central axis; "One Belt" is to create a cultural consumption integration development belt along Chongyong Street; "Two Cores" are the Forbidden City-Wangfujing-Longfu Temple "Cultural Golden Triangle" and Qianmen Commercial District; "Three Circles" "That is, Dongzhimen, Chongwai, and Longfusi three regional characteristic business districts.

  ●Xicheng: Reconstructing the new pattern of "dual-core, two-belt" consumption scene

  Xicheng District will build a new pattern of consumption scenes with "dual cores and two belts", "seven districts and five streets" and "one network support".

Among them, "dual core" refers to the creation of an international high-end fashion charm circle of Xidan Financial Street integrating fashion communication, digital consumption and financial commerce with Xidan-Financial Street as the main body; Dashilan-Beijing Square as the main body, creating a Chinese style Modern life experience circle.

The "two belts" are the "text belt" built along the Shichahai, Di'anmen, Tianqiao, and Xiannongtan, and the "business belt" built from Jishuitan to Lingjing.

In addition, each street in Xicheng has "one street, one street", which will realize the full coverage of "small and sophisticated" personalized service facilities, adding reading space, cultural and creative projects, nursing care for the elderly and other service elements.

  ●Shijingshan: Cultivating a special dining block for "late night canteen"

  Within 3-5 years, Shijingshan District will settle in 5-10 international first-line brands, cultivate 1-2 open-themed blocks, form 1-2 characteristic digital consumer brands, and land 10-20 first Beijing West stores with agglomeration hot spots. .

In terms of improving the quality of the catering industry, it plans to cultivate 1-2 "late night canteen" characteristic catering blocks to create a unique "Jingxi Courtyard" catering brand.

At the same time, speed up the construction of Shangri-La hotels, introduce mid-to-high-end business hotels, and develop popular accommodation such as characteristic homestays, youth hostels, and backpackers, focusing on shallow mountainous areas.

  ●Economic Development Zone: key commercial districts take the lead in realizing 5G commercial trials

  The Economic Development Zone will plan to build 2-3 distinctive, vibrant, and culturally rich themed blocks and pedestrian streets, and cultivate a number of highly popular "net celebrity check-in sites".

At the same time, an international vibrant consumption corridor will be built along the north-south of the main urban road of Ronghua Road, and four new city-level characteristic business districts will be built in the east, west, south and north.

In addition, the key business districts of the Economic Development Zone will take the lead in realizing 5G commercial trials, promote the expansion of new digital marketing channels for offline commercial outlets such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and catering, and carry out the construction of "smart stores", "smart neighborhoods" and "smart business circles".

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