The first flight arrived at Haneda Airport on the morning of the 23rd, loading Beaujolais Nouveau, a French wine that will be unveiled next month.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, imports are expected to decrease by about 20% before the spread of infection.

Beaujolais Nouveau is a new wine made from grapes harvested that year in the Beaujolais district of Burgundy, France, and will be unveiled on the 18th of next month.

On the 23rd, an airmail carrying about 3,200 bottles arrived at Haneda Airport after 7 am, was inspected by customs, and then handed over to the importing company.

According to a major brewer, orders from restaurants have decreased due to the influence of the new coronavirus following last year, and the total import volume including other companies is about 3.6 million, which is about 20% less than before the spread of infection. It means that it will be.

Although the climate in early spring was unstable, the weather was blessed after May, and grapes with a good balance of sugar and acidity were harvested, resulting in a smooth taste.

Keiko Yoshio, president of Suntory Wine International, the importer, said, "I was wondering when the first shipment would be, but while being careful about the spread of the infection, I enjoyed drinking at home and enjoying it at the restaurant. I want you to get it. "

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