“The problem of negotiations with Moldova, like most of the problems currently observed on the gas market, is connected with the price of gas.

As far as I understand, Moldova was offered a substantial discount.

From the first quarter of 2022, the price, taking into account the discount, was supposed to be about $ 600 per 1000 cubic meters.

m. And here it is not necessary to clutch at the heart and say: "God, how expensive!"

Because in the current conditions it is very cheap.

This is about $ 150-250 cheaper than it should be, based on the general pricing principle adopted in the EU and countries that aspire to go there, ”said Frolov.

He noted that Moldova "found itself in the same trap as the European Union."

“Following the principles of liberalization of the gas market, which provided for the growth of the spot component in long-term contracts, Moldova faced the fact that now the prices for long-term contracts will be very high.

And she not only does not want such prices, but, as I suspect, she simply cannot pay for them.

And since Gazprom has already offered a substantial discount, the essence of the negotiations at this stage becomes unclear, "the interlocutor of RT concluded.

Earlier, the official representative of Gazprom, Sergei Kupriyanov, announced the possibility of stopping gas supplies to Moldova from December 1.

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