China News Service, Yinchuan, October 22. Title: Yinchuan, Ningxia: Building a "safety net" for the prevention and control of the express delivery industry

  China News Service reporter Yu Jing

  On October 22, a reporter from went from the warehouse of the Express Sorting Center in Yinchuan City, Ningxia, to the delivery outlets around the residential area for a full chain visit.

The reporter learned that from the transfer and filing of the transfer truck to the sorting center, to the sorting and delivery after unloading at the outlets, the express parcels arriving in the hands of the citizens need to be killed at least four to five times.

  In the afternoon, a reporter from drove to the Yinchuan Zhongtong Express Sorting Center. From time to time, there were logistics vehicles and staff who entered the gate by scanning codes and measuring temperature.

  "Hello, please scan the code to measure the temperature, itinerary code, and make sure that there are no problems before you can stop and enter for disinfection." Before entering the sorting, the staff on duty conducted a serious epidemic prevention check before lifting the bar and letting them go. In the complete elimination of the trucks of Zhongtong Express.

The staff of SF Express are disinfecting the inbound express.

Photo by Yu Jing

  According to the relevant person in charge of Zhongtong Express, in order to ensure 100% elimination of express shipments in and out of Yinchuan, the staff must carry out multi-frequency elimination of each piece of goods in the sorting area, unloading area, and loading area. Vehicles should also be eliminated every time before departure and after returning.

Not only that, each express delivery network picks up and delivers the package. Before loading and unloading, the vehicles at these locations must be disinfected, and they must be killed again after returning to the network.

  The reporter learned from the SF Express Sorting Center in Yinchuan that the company will carry out at least 3 rounds of killing in each link of receiving, transshipment, and delivery.

In the final terminal delivery link, all mail arriving at the station on the same day will be first arranged to be eliminated in the process of receiving, unloading and sorting. Before the courier goes out for delivery, the elimination personnel of the outlets will also treat small and medium-sized delivery vehicles. Carry out a complete killing.

In order to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company also requires strict protection for the lives of employees in the logistics park, and conducts regular and high-frequency ventilation and disinfection of all venues such as employee restaurants, dormitories, and office areas to ensure the safety of personnel and goods.

  A reporter from saw at a branch of SF Express that the courier brother returned to the investment department to eliminate the entire vehicle in the first time for the collected mail.

At the same time, the staff strictly implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, registration, ventilation, and disinfection, and disinfect the workplaces, public service places and facilities in the jurisdiction, and increase the frequency of disinfection for frequently used equipment.

  The reporter contacted Wu Weimin, director of the Yinchuan Post Management Bureau by phone. He told the reporter that at present, all brand express companies in Yinchuan have launched a strict epidemic prevention and control mechanism: temperature must be measured and clocked in before starting work; sites, vehicles and packages must be completely eliminated; delivery Masks and gloves must be worn during the process.

  At the same time, Wu Weimin reminded consumers to wear masks, wash hands frequently, focus less when receiving packages, minimize contact and communication with the courier brothers, and keep one meter away from the delivery.

Do a good job of parcel sterilization and try not to touch it with your hands.

In addition, try not to take the package home.


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