On October 22, at a special press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce, some media asked about the recent news of the closure or withdrawal of foreign-funded businesses in China. How does the Ministry of Commerce view this phenomenon?

Zong Changqing, director of the Foreign Investment Management Department of the Ministry of Commerce, responded that China’s market is open, and that foreign-funded enterprises enter and exit each year are normal market behaviors, which conform to market laws and are also a manifestation of investment liberalization and facilitation.

Looking at the overall situation, foreign-funded enterprises have entered more and exported less, and increased more and decreased less.

In the first three quarters of this year, there were 36,000 newly established foreign-invested enterprises nationwide, a year-on-year increase of 36.5%, which was the highest increase in the same period in the past 20 years except for 2018.

(Reporter let Baokui make Li Jiali)

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