"Tebra" .. designs that express the Emirati and Arab identity

Small projects .. Kalthoum Al-Akbari.. An entrepreneur who succeeds in establishing a private brand

  • Kulthum Ali Al-Akbari: “The project faced challenges during the pandemic period, and the resumption of exhibitions contributed greatly to its return to growth again.”


Emirati entrepreneur, Kalthoum Ali Al Akbari, has succeeded in establishing her own brand, by creating designs that express the contemporary Emirati and Arab identity, to be placed on different clothes and products.

Al-Akbari told "Emirates Today" that her small project "Tebra" includes special designs that express the contemporary Arab and Emirati identity, so that these designs are placed on clothes, goods and various products, pointing out that the idea of ​​establishing the project came after she noticed that many of the prevailing designs dominate It has Western identity and culture.

Project "Tebra"

Al-Akbri explained that she has started her "Tebra" project since 2014, as she submitted a request for financing to the "Khalifa Fund for Project Development", after submitting the feasibility studies for the project, noting that the "fund" agreed to financing quickly, especially that the idea of ​​the project is new and innovative.

She added that she then applied for new financing from the Fund in 2019, to be able to produce large quantities on a larger scale, and the Fund agreed to the financing.

land of gold

Al-Akbari said that the name of her project "Tebra" means "the land of gold", or the place filled with pearls, explaining that "Tebra" is an old Emirati and Gulf heritage term, which she linked to the works of art that she implements, because she believes that art is one of the precious and authentic things in the Emirati heritage, as well as Totally gold and pearl.

And she indicated that her designs include local drawings, such as: henna, karak, burqa, and Sadu, which is one of the most prominent Emirati handicrafts that was included in the heritage list of the Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), recently, pointing out that the designs appear on goods Various items such as necklaces, socks, mugs, cell phones, and various accessories.

Pandemic Challenges

Al-Akbri stated that her project faced many difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic, even though she has a website that she works on.

She said that the suspension of exhibitions, conferences and events for several months, as a result of the repercussions of the pandemic, had a severe impact on its business and sales, especially since its participation in exhibitions held in the country provided them with excellent opportunities to introduce visitors, especially young men and women, to their various designs, as well as the completion of contracts and operations. big sale.

She stressed that she insisted on continuing the project, despite the challenges of the pandemic, by working "online", innovation in designs, and intensifying advertising through various social media, noting that the resumption of exhibitions and conferences contributed greatly to the gradual return of her project to growth again. .

Tips for Entrepreneurs

Al-Akbari advised entrepreneurs to attend training courses in entrepreneurship, accounting, and marketing, through local funding funds, chambers of commerce and industry in the country, and via the Internet.

She emphasized that these courses help entrepreneurs develop their business and skills, establish good relationships with other entrepreneurs, and identify the difficulties they faced and ways to overcome them.

She also advised entrepreneurs to continuously develop their products, add permanent innovative touches to their projects, and know the needs of the target groups, and the best ways to meet them.

Al-Akbri stressed the need not to despair, despite the difficulties facing small projects, especially during the early years of the work stages of these projects, stressing that success requires time, patience and great effort.

Expansion in the Gulf and the dream towards the Arab world

Emirati entrepreneur, Kalthoum Ali Al-Akbari, revealed that she is preparing to expand the project during the remainder of this year, by adding new products to her designs, such as fabrics, clothing, and school supplies, after she succeeded in establishing her own distinct brand, and decided to expand outside the country. The Emirates, to include the Gulf region in its operations, by intensifying participation in exhibitions in the Gulf countries.

She stressed that she dreams of expanding in the entire Arab world at a later stage, especially with the increase in demand, coinciding with the start of the stage of recovery from the repercussions of the pandemic.

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